Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Black Rose Moonlight Dragon

[Dragon/ Synchro/ Effect]

ATK/2,400 DEF/1,800

1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters
If this card is Special Summoned, or a Level 5 or higher monster(s) is Special Summoned to your opponent’s field: Target 1 Special Summoned monster your opponent controls; return that target to the hand. You can only use this effect of “Black Rose Moonlight Dragon” once per turn.

Black Rose Moonlight Dragon is a level seven Synchro Monster form Yu-Gi-Oh!. This card is an alternate version of Black Rose Dragon. Both cards have similar artwork. Their effects control the flow of the game and the field.


I love cards with the ability to control the field, and Black Rose Moonlight Dragon has a strong effect for control of the field. Black Rose Moonlight Dragon returns an opponent’s monster that was special summoned to his or her hand when you summon Black Rose Moonlight Dragon. Your opponent will also trigger this effect if he or she special summons a level 5 or greater monster.

Therefore, you avoid the opponent’s strongest monsters with this effect. The strongest monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! are level five and above. Black Rose Moonlight Dragon forces opponents to play monsters with low levels and ATK.

Furthermore, an opponent would not special summon a level 5 or greater monster with Black Rose Moonlight Dragon on your field. He or she would lose the monster and the resources for the monster’s summon. An opponent would waste resources, and would wait until he or she destroys your Black Rose Moonlight Dragon.

Synchro Summon: Black Rose Moonlight Dragon

Black Rose Moonlight Dragon is an easy Synchro Monster to summon. Many monsters in its archetype set its combo. Red Rose Dragon and White Rose Dragon can the perfect pair for the Synchro Summon. These two cards have a strong combo for this Synchro Summon.

Example, you will need Red Rose Dragon and White Rose Dragon in your hand. White Rose Dragon special summons itself if you have Red Rose Dragon on the field. Then, you may use these monsters for material and synchro summon Black Rose Moonlight Dragon.

Play these cards with Black Rose Moonlight Dragon!
  • Red Rose Dragon
  • Spore
  • White Rose Dragon

Generic Card:

Black Rose Moonlight Dragon is a valuable card because you can play it in many decks. It does not require any particular archetypes for its effects. Black Rose Moonlight Dragon is a great card for Shaddoll.

Play Black Rose Moonlight Dragon with these archetypes!
  • Blue-Eyes
  • Rose Dragon
  • Shaddoll

Card Rating:

Overall, Black Rose Moonlight Dragon is a good monster for control decks. You have firm control of the field with this Synchro Monster’s effect. Black Rose Moonlight Dragon is an easy card to Synchro Summon. It has strong support for you can quickly summon it.

Card Ratin: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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