Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Amazoness Paladin


ATK/ 1,700 DEF/ 300

This card gains 100 ATK for each “Amazoness” monster you control.

Amazoness Paladin is a level four monster with an impressive 1,700 ATK. She has Earth as her attribute. She wields a powerful sword and wears the armor of her archetype. Amazoness Paladin is an offensive monster. She only has a single effect.


Amazoness Paladin gains 100 ATK for each Amazoness monster on your field. This effect also includes herself. She has the potential to have 2,200 ATK. Amaazoness Paladin has an impressive offense for a level 4 monster. She easily destroys many monsters in battle.

Amazoness Teamwork:

Amazoness Paladin is not a great card without any support. She gains effective support from her sisters. Amazonneess Queen prevents Amazoness monsters such as Amazoness Paladin to be destroyed by battle. This protection keeps your powerful beatstick on the field.

Play these cards with Amazoness Paladin
  • Amazoness Queen
  • Amazoness Empress
Search for Amazoness Paladin!

Warriors have many useful cards to search for them and add those mighty monsters to your hand. The Warrior Returning Alive adds Amazoness Paladin from your graveyard to your hand. Then, you can summon her from your hand. Your powerful warrior returns to the field, and she is ready for battle.

Play these cards to add Amazoness Paladin to your hand!
  • The Warrior Returning Alive
Special Summon Amazoness Paladin

You have a few simple methods to special summon Amazoness Paladin. You have the option to play a generic card such as Monster Reborn. This legendary Spell card can special summon any monster from either player’s graveyard. Monster Reborn is only a useful card if Amazoness Paladin is in your graveyard.

Amazoness Village can special summon Amazoness Paladin from your deck. It requires one of your Amazoness monsters to be destroyed by battle or a card’s effect. The monster needs to be level 4 or greater. You may special summon Amazoness Paladin from your deck after your opponent destroys the monster. Furthermore, Amazoness Village adds 200 ATK to Amazoness Paladin.

Play these cards to special summon Amazoness Paladin
  • Amazoness Village
  • Monster Reborn
Card Rating:

Overall, Amazoness Paladin is a primary beatstick for Amazoness decks. Her offense is her only impressive feature. She lacks any other effects to create an advantage. Amazoness Paladin heavily relies on support from her archetype. Amazoness Paladin’s main purpose is to hit the opponent, and deliver damage.

Card Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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