Which Trading Card Games Dominate Your Local Area?

Playing trading card games is a great way of meeting new people and making friends. If your social skills are awful like season one Aichi, then play trading card games to interact more with your peers. We all choose the game we want to play based on numerous factors such as artwork, game play, and brokenness. Unfortunately, not everyone plays the same games that we enjoy. There will always be that one guy, who complains about your favorite trading card games. I’ve seen it too many times at my locals. There is a guy, who comes in the store and complains about Magic The Gathering and the players. If you dislike a game, then that is fine just do not constantly whine about it.

Magic: The Gathering Rules My Locals

Magic is the most popular game in my town. Every locals that I have been to are filled with Magic players. There are always games being played. Standard is the most played format followed by Commander. There are tournaments every week with over 30 players competing for the title.

I’m slowly getting into Magic The Gathering. My first deck is going to be a simple White Mono deck. It will not be anything special. The deck will be used as a learning tool for me to be able to get accustomed to the rules and learn combo plays as I gain experience. Magic The Gathering is not on the top of my TCG priority list so it will be a while before the deck will be completed.

Is It Time To Duel? 

The second largest group in my area is the Yu-Gi-Oh! community. Although there is not nearly half as many Yu-Gi-Oh! players as there are Magic players here. Our community may be large enough to hold tournaments, but we are not a very tight group. I normally meet new players in the area and rarely see them again. Most local players play casual decks such as Dark Magician, Nobel Knights, generic Elemental Heroes, etc.

A Handful of Cardfight!! Vanguard Players

I have come across a few vanguard players in my area. Most I only meet once and never see them in stores again. Most likely they lose faith of building a good community to have tournaments at locals. I have played against a total of just seven players in three years. That’s extremely small for anyone. Among the seven players, only one has stuck around for the long run because he loves the game. My buddy George is the only opponent in my games on my channel.

I Am One of Two DBZ CCG Players In Town

I have collected DBZ CCG cards since it was created by Score, but I have never once played a single game. I have never met a fellow player. The owner of my locals held a box opening event for Heroes & Villains, and only one person arrived for the event. I was not able to go because I was scheduled to work that day. I would be not surprised if the owner stops selling the game at the store. Overall, the game is gaining popularity like it did in its first run under Score. The game just is not popular in my city. Who is the other guy in town, who plays this game? I’ll never find out.

Try New Games! 

If the game that you are in is not very popular at card shops, then you can always try new games. Always try new games before judging them. I played a few games of Magic The Gathering before I slowly jumped into the game. Test the waters before spending a lot of money on a new trading card game. My favorite two games Yu-Gi-Oh! and Cardfight!! Vanguard just are not big in my city. Nobody attempted to use peer pressure on me to influence me to play Magic. I made that decision myself. Expanding my trading card game horizon has opened the doors for new friendships, connections, and a new TCG budget.

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