Update: Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck List

This past weekend the new structure deck The Blue-Eyed Dragon’s Thundering Descent hit stores in Japan! The official deck list is now available! What do you think about the deck list? Post your comments below!

Extra Deck Monsters:

Azure-Eyed Silver Dragon- x1


Blue Eyes White Dragon- x1
Azure-Eyed Maiden- x1
Storm Dragon Guard- x1
Darkstorm Dragon- x1
Genesis Dragon- x1
Hardened Armed Dragon- x1
Divine Dragon Apocralyph- x1
Mirage Dragon- x1
Rabidragon- x1
Alexandrite Dragon- x1
Kaibaman- x1
The White Stone of Legend- x1
Herald of Creation- x1
Kaiser Sea Horse- x1
Shining Angel- x2
Honest- x1
Level Eater- x1
Maxx “C”- x1


Dragon Mausoleum- x1
Bellow of the Silver Dragon-x1
Burst Stream of Destruction- x1
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon- x1
Dragon Ravine- x1
Terraforming- x1
Cards of Consonance-  x1
Enemy Control- x1
Trade-In- x1
Monster Reborn-x1
Symbols of Duty- x1
Soul Exchange- x1
White Elephant’s Gift-  x1


Dragonsoul Castle- x1
Damage Condenser- x1
Call of The Haunted-x1
Fiendish Chain- x1
Kunai with Chain- x1
Champion’s Vigilance- x1


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