Units of The Week: Neon Gyze & Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze

[AUTO]:When this unit is ridden, put this card into your G zone. (It does not count for Generation Break)
[CONT](G Zone):The [Power] increase from your trigger effects changes to “Choose up to one from your G zone, and bind it face up”.
[CONT](G Zone):Your in the bind zone cannot be moved to another location.
[Ultimate Stride]-“Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze” (Released when your vanguard is grade 3 and the number of different in your bind zone is five!)-Stride Step-[Choose a card with the same card name as your vanguard, and discard it] Remove all other cards from your circles, soul, and G zone, flip this card over, and Stride it on your (VC).

The world will be silenced. 

[AUTO]:When this unit is placed on (VC), choose five from your bind zone, and call them to separate (RC).[CONT](VC):You cannot ride and call rear-guards other than . All of your units do not return to your G zone and are unaffected by any influence other than this card and your guardians. Your rear-guards cannot be attacked.[AUTO](VC):At the beginning of your turn, deal one damage to your opponent’s vanguard for each on your (RC).

This week’s article of unit of the week features two cards in one. The God of Destruction has finally returned to the world. The world will be silence in his presence. It is only a matter of time before Gyze destroy the entire universe. Gyze is the first two-sided card in Cardfight!! Vanguard. The card’s front-side features Neon Gyze, and the backside is Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze.

Neon Gyze is one of the most interesting starters. He goes to the G-Zone face up after a unit rides him, but he does not count towards Generation Break. He is counted for face up cards in the G-Zone. His second skill changes the increase in power from triggers to binding a Zeroth Dragon face up in the Bind Zone. The second skill does not have a strategy. Triggers are randomly checked in combat. Only a few decks such as Genesis and Oracle Think Tank can manipulate triggers. Players are rewarded or punished by a game of chance. Finally, his third skill Ultimate Strides Gyze if you have five different Zeroth Dragons in your bind zone.

Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze superior calls five Zeroth Dragons from the bind zone to separate rear-circles. Each Zeroth Dragon has 25,000 power. Only the two Zeroth Dragons in the front row are able to attack a unit. An opponent needs at least 80,000 shield or perfect guards to defend all of the attacks in combat. That is not including any triggers. Your Zeroth Dragons are granted immunity from almost every effect.

Next, the second skill is a win condition. The skill deals one damage to your opponent for each Zeroth Dragon on your field. You will deal five damage to your opponent. It is very unlikely he or she will save themselves with heal triggers at a late stage of the game. Say good game to your opponent.

Finally, Legion may make a big comeback. Legion returns triggers from the drop zone to the deck. You can increase the probability of checking triggers. Legion also resolves the annoying problem of drawing a trigger at the draw phase. I always feel disappointed after drawing a trigger before my drive check. I want to get their effects at the proper moment. Legion would give me a second chance to reveal them for Gyze. I can also guard with triggers very early in games and get those triggers back.

Overall, Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze is of one of the most controversial cards in the game. I am giving it a perfect score because the card’s skills are extremely strong. However, the card lacks strategy to achieve its goal, and opponents cannot counter card’s requirements. Triggers are randomly checked throughout games. Players do not know when or if they will check a trigger during combat. An opponent cannot stop triggers. The game’s meta will change once Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze is available.

Card Rating: 5 out of 5

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