Unit of The Week: White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia (V Series)

It’s a new friend. We must welcome them.

[ACT](VC)1/Turn:COST [Counter Blast (1) & retire a rear-guard], look at five cards from the top of your deck, call up to two cards from among them to (RC), and shuffle your deck. If your soul has a grade 3, call up to three cards instead of two, and three units in your front row get [Power]+10000 until end of turn.

White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia is the Musketeer’s captain. She wields a pink sword. Her original card had Limit Break, and her new version’s imaginary gift is Force! I like her new artwork better than the original. Her personality shines more in this artwork.

White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia’s skill looks at the top five cards from your deck, and superior calls two cards from among them. You may call three cards if your soul has a grade 3 card. This skill is fantastic for building your field. In addition to gaining strength in numbers, your new rear-guards use their abilities when they are placed on the field.

Play these cards with White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia!
  • Lily of the Valley Musketeer, Rebecca
  • Pansy Musketeer, Sylvia

Then, White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia’s skill gives 10,000 to your units in your front row if your soul has a grade 3! This skill is a strong finisher in the deck. Cecilia’s power rises to 33,000 power with a Force marker and her skill. Her power adds a lot of pressure on your opponent. He or she will need to guard with at least two cards (one card being a heal trigger) to successfully block her attack.

Premium Format

Finally, White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia (V series) replaces her original counterpart from the Limit Break era. She fits perfectly in a premium deck. Her ability is faster than Limit Break, and it gains more advantages. Furthermore, there are many G-Units that support Musketeers, and some G-Units are future possibilities of White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia. She also has support from Amaryllis Musketeer, Tatiana to pay for Stride.

Play these cards in the premium format!
  • Amaryllis Musketeer, Tatiana
  • White Lily Musketeer Captain, Cecilia
  • Maiden Lily Musketeer Captain, Virginal Cecilia

Overall, White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia is a great card to play in the standard format, and she is the headliner for Musketeers in the premium format. White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia gains strength in numbers. Her skill helps form your formation. Then, your rear-guards can further build your formation to completion. Flowers die over time, but White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia blooms new flowers for the next generation.

Card Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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