Unit of The Week: Magnum Assault

Now, let’s go one more shot. 

[AUTO](RC)[1/Turn] Generation Break 1 (This ability is active if you have one or more face up G units in total on your (VC) or G zone):[Counter Blast (1)] At the end of the battle that this unit attacked a vanguard, if this unit is boosted during that battle, you may pay the cost. If you do, [Stand] this unit, and until end of turn, this unit gets [Power]+2000. (Even if you do not pay the cost, this ability cannot be used for the rest of that turn.)

Magnum Assault is the newest soldier in the Aqua Force! He is one of four RRR cards in Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine Spirits. He is well equipped with two heavy firearms. His job is to test new heavy firearms in battle to test his skills and the new weapons. Comrades can always rely on his unique techniques to dominate their opponents on the seas.

Once per turn he stands himself to attack again after he first attacks a vanguard and he is boosted during the first battle. This is an incredible ability because it fulfills many vanguards’ skills’ requirements when they attack in the 4th battle or more during the turn. If you are low on rear-guards and your vanguard needs three attacks to use its skill, then you just need to use Magnum’s skill to fulfill the requirements. He makes up for the lack of rear-guards and helps Aqua Force decks maintain their abilities when they are low on resources. Classic decks such as Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom and modern decks such as  One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas greatly benefit from Magnum’s ability.

Furthermore, Magnum’s effect does not stop at just standing him back on his feet to attack your opponent’s vanguard again. The effect also grants him 2K power and this makes him an 11K attacker. He is strong enough to hit a Vanguard unless it is a Cross Ride like Dragonic Overlord the End. His second attack can also be used for retiring a potential interceptor. This tactic will make it easier for your vanguard’s attack to break through your opponent’s weaken defenses.

Overall, Magnum Assault is one of the best if not the best rear-guard in the entire Aqua Force clan. His skills make him a staple in most Aqua Force decks. He is just too good to miss out on. Being able to stand himself for another attack to add more damage and set up your vanguard’s skill is game changing. Magnum Assault in Aqua Force decks is like honey mustard with chicken strips. You just cannot get enough of his awesomeness!

Card Rating: 5 out of 5

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