Unit of The Week: Dragonic Overlord the Great

Dragonic Overlord the Great

The wrath of the king of purgatory will reduce all of nature to ashes.

[AUTO](VC):When placed, call up to one “Dragonic Neoflame” from your drop zone to (RC).
[AUTO](VC)1/Turn:At the end of the battle it attacked, if a grade 3 is in your soul, COST [Counter Blast (1) & discard two cards from your hand], [Stand] this unit and one of your “Dragonic Neoflame”, and they get drive -1 until end of turn.

Dragonic Overlord the Great is the next evolution of the Dragonic Overlord! The flame dragon from the Dragon Empire has reached a new level of power.His new allies have joined him on the battle against Link Joker. Kai plays the new Overlord in his second deck in Cardfight!! Vanguard V. This card is Kai’s ace vanguard in the second half of the first season.

Dragonic Overlord the Great’s first skill superior calls Dragonic Neoflame from the drop zone to a rear-guard circle. It also makes Dragonic Neoflame a very good card to call in the early game. You have an offensive rear-guard during the early game, and you can use it as an intercept to block an attack. Then, Dragonic Neoflame will return to the field by your vanguard’s skill.

Play these cards with Dragonic Overlord the Great

Dragonic Overlord the Great’s second skill stands himself and one Dragonic Neoflame at the end of your vanguard’s battle. This skill is one of the best offensive skills in Kagero as you gain two additional battles. Furthermore, your vanguard is pressuring your opponent into a corner. It is very difficult for your opponent to block two consecutive attacks from a vanguard without two Perfect Guards. Then, Dragonic Neoflame is waiting for its chance to burn your opponent.

Finally, Dragonic Overlord the Great’s second skill requires a grade 3 card in your soul. Dragon Full-armored Buster makes the deck very consistent. He searches for any grade 3, and you should always draw Dragonic Overlord if “The Great” is not already in your hand. You will be able to use the Dragonic Overlord the Great’s second skill in most games. I recommend playing a full set of Dragon Full-armored Buster in a deck with “The Great”.

Overall, Dragonic Overlord the Great is a strong card to ride during the late game. He is one of the best offensive cards in Kagero. His first skill superior calls a rear-guard for free. Then, his second skill is loaded with an offensive burst as Dragonic Overlord the Great and Dragonic Neoflame stand during battle! Burn your opponent’s ash with the Dragonic Overlord the Great’s intense flames.

Card Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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