Trial Deck Review: Slash of Silver Wolf

It’s time to break the limits! Slash of Silver Wolf introduced the Limit Break mechanic and Gold Paladins. It also was the fifth trial deck in the OCG and the third trial deck in the TCG. Great Silver Wolf, Garmore is the trial deck’s featured RR card and Silver Fang Witch and Sleygal Double Edge are the two R cards!

The Deck’s Featured Cards

Slash of Silver Wolf includes ten exclusive cards. Great Silver Wolf, Garmore, and Silver Fang Witch are the deck’s two most notable exclusives. Great Silver Wolf, Garmore was in his prime during the early days of the Limit Break era. He is a more consistent version of Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel. He consistently gains 5K power from his Limit Break, and unlike Ezel, his second skill allows the player to choose any Gold Paladin from the deck. Silver Fang Witch is a staple in generic Gold Paladin decks. Her ability to Soul Blast two cards to draw a card is an awesome ability.

The Game Plan

Slash of Silver Wolf is one of the best trial decks for beginners. The deck’s strategy is very simple. All of the units in the deck have very basic skills for every card fighter to master. The combo plays are very simple and give the player useful options. Players will use Great Silver Wolf, Garmore’s second skill to superior call units that they need to set up the field and save their hand for defense.

Buying 4 copies of Slash of Silver Wolf along with four copies of Halo Shield Mark made a very competitive deck for its time. Great Silver Wolf, Garmore is the deck’s main boss unit. Use his second skill to superior call needed units to the battlefield! Superior call Charjgal behind Great Silver Wolf, Garmore and combine its power with Garmore’s Limit Break to make him a 26K attacker. Silver Fang Witch’s purpose to provide additional draw power. Sleygal Double Edge and Battlefield Storm, Sagramore are the best offensive rear-guards.

Beyond Its Prime

Unfortunately, Slash of Silver Wolf has not aged well. The Gold Paladins have advanced to high levels of power with Ezel, Liberators, and Legion. The majority of the trial deck’s basic support has been reprinted in booster sets and many new triggers have been released as well. Silver Fang Witch is the only card being played in current Ezel decks. Finally, it’s actually the lease expensive trial deck on the current market. Its valued at $10 while every other trial before and after are valued between $15 and $20.

The Final Word

Overall, Slash of Silver Wolf was a good trial deck for its time. It served as the building blocks for Great Silver Wolf, Garmore’s decks. Its genetic cards are a good starting point for beginners. However, Silver Fang Witch is the only card in the deck besides triggers that still may see some play in today’s TCG format. Despite losing its value, Slash of Silver Wolf is still a nice trial deck for every Cardfight!! Vanguard collector!

Trial Deck Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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