Legend Deck Review:The Dark Ren Suzugamori

Bushiroad released the first Legend Deck in 2015. Legend Decks are revamped decks from the original series characters Aichi, Kai, and Ren. Legend Deck The Dark Ren Suzugamori features new versions of Ren’s signature cards. Classic units from Ren’s Shadow Paladin decks make their return in Cardfight!! Vanguard G. Blaster Dark and Phantom Blaster Dragon return with new abilities and higher grades.

The deck includes one deck box, 54 cards with a foil of each card, and 1 promo card is included in the deck. Unfortunately, the English version did not get the new sleeves with Ren on them and the Ren deck box. I do not understand why Bushiroad was unable to prove the sleeves and storage box to the English players. It is a minor letdown to not receive the total package from Japan.

Blaster Dark Returns

Blaster Dark has finally become a grade 3 vanguard. His new form is named Blaster Dark Diablo. His new artwork fits his character. The artwork represents his cold heart and growth as a warrior. He is a generic card and can be played in any Shadow Paladin deck. His Generation Break allows you to discard any card in your hand to pay for Stride. The bonus Stride skill retires a rear-guard. This ability is a clone of the original Blaster Dark’s skill.

Shadows of Stride Generation

The extra deck contains five cards. You get two G-units in The Dark Suzugamori. The extra deck only needs three more cards to be complete. You are well on your way of having a complete deck with Stride Generation! Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo” is the new version of Phantom Blaster Dragon. You get a complete set of  Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo”. Its Stride skill is based on the original Phantom Blaster Dragon’s skill. Dark Knight, Grim Recruiter is a triple rare promo card. He is a generic G-unit as you can play him in any Shadow Paladin deck. His skill superior calls a grade one card from your deck.

New Foil Cards

Macha and Mac Lir also make comebacks as stronger cards. Mac Lir Originally was a perfect guard, and has changed into an especial interceptor.  Dorint and Claudas are the best duo in the deck. They create a 20K column when Generation Break is online. Every card has one foiled copy. The remaining cards are common cards. You can build a deck with only foiled cards by buying four copies of the Legend Deck or individual cards.

The Final Word

I highly recommend players to buy Legend The Dark Ren Suzugamori especially if Shadow Paladins are your favorite clan. This Legend Deck is packed with amazing new cards. The deck is complete with a full set of cards. Switch cards in your deck to test different strategies. Your extra deck has three open slots to complete your extra deck. I can overlook Bushiroad for not giving the storage box and sleeves to the English players. Ride your Shadow Paladins to victory!

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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