Royal Paladins are Limited to 4 Blaster Darks and Grade 4 Harmonics Messiah

Bushiroad made a major change for Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin rulings. Royal Paladin decks may only have 4 copies of Blaster Dark (this is not include Blaster Dark Revenger, Blaster Dark Revenger, Abyss and Blaster Dark Spirit) and no other Shadow Paladins. The previous ruling was Royal Paladin decks can have up to ten Shadow Paladin cards per deck. This change was made to limit Seekers’ capability. Seekers have dominated the Japanese meta. Seekers could exploit the previous ruling with ten supporting Shadow Paladins to create powerful plays for Seeker, Sing Savor Dragon to superior Legion twice in a turn. The four copies of Blaster Dark are for Majesty Lord Blaster decks. It is unfortunate that Majesty Lord Blaster can no longer use other Shadow Paladins to assist the deck.

G Unit/Grade 4/Triple Drive/16000 Power/No Shield/Critical 1/No Clan or Nation – Messiah/
“Shining on the darkness of chaos, oh grand light of truth—-!”
(This card cannot be put in your Main Deck)
STRIDE (By meeting the condition and cost, until the end of the turn you may Stride)
CONT: This card belongs to all clans and all nations.

The promo card for the upcoming movie Neon Messiah has been leak! It is a Grade 4 unit named Harmonics Messiah. Harmonics Messiah is available for all clans and nations. It is an intimate boost for every deck. Harmonics Messiah is a card for the new Extra Deck. It is also a “G” unit with Triple Drive Check! The Triple Drive is a major offensive advantage for every deck. Its abilities can only be used while Stride is active. Stride is also an unknown skill at this time.


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