The Top Ten Cards in Toshiki Kai’s Decks

Toshiki Kai is one of the most popular characters from Cardfight!! Vanguard. His  serious attitude for winning games connects with players. All of us want to be the best player in our favorite trading card games. He represents that side in all of us. He has powerful cards, and he unleashes amazing plays to defeat strong opponents.

Furthermore, Toshiki Kai plays some of the most iconic cards in Cardfight!! Vanguard. His signature card is Dragonic Overlord. He plays many versions of Kagero’s leader. Toshiki Kai has also played Link Joker, Narukami, and Royal Paladin.

I am listing the top ten cards from Toshiki Kai’s decks. I am only including cards from Toshiki Kai’s decks in the anime and manga. The list only includes the the versions of the cards from the anime and manga.

1. Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord “The Purge”

The most impressive card in Toshiki Kai’s decks is Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord “The Purge”. This card is one of the strongest G-Units in Cardfight!! Vanguard. Toshiki Kai first plays Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord “The Purge” during a game against Darkface in episode, Purging Overlord of Cardfight!! Vanguard G Z.

Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord “The Purge” is an amazing card for a finisher. His ability has the potential to have five drive checks. You have many opportunities for checking triggers and gaining their power.

Furthermore, you have the potential to gain ten drive checks with Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda. Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda stands your vanguard with his effects. You have another round of drive checks. Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord “The Purge” can seal your victory with a second set of five drive checks.

2. Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon

Toshiki Kai is known for playing Kagero with Dragonic Overlord and Narukami with Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion. The legendary cardfighter played Royal Paladin in Cardfight!! Vanguard: Legion Mate. Toshiki Kai’s signature card in his Royal Paladin was Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon.

Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon was the strongest card in its format. It dominated all decks with its amazing ability to ride a copy of itself from the deck and perform Legion. Toshiki Kai played Seekers for the first half of Cardfight!! Vanguard: Legion Mate before he switched decks to Kagero.

3. Dragonic Overlord the End (V Series)

Toshiki Kai unleashes the blaze of Kagero with Dragonic Overlord the End. He plays this card against Aichi in  the sixth episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard 2019 Highschool Arc. Toshiki Kai and Dragonic Overlord the End unleashed an aggressive onslaught at Aichi. However, they fell short of victory.

Dragonic Overlord the End is an important card for his archetype of Overlord. Many decks of Overlord play this card such as decks with either version of Dragonic Overlord “The X”. You gain a lot of advantages from this card. You can launch an onslaught of attacks from your vanguard at the opponent.

4. Dragonic Overlord “The X” (Legion)

Dragonic Overlord “The X” made an appearance in Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis. Toshiki Kai played this card in many matches against  Shion Kiba. This episode showcases many forms of Dragonic Overlord, and Dragonic Overlord “The X” brief appearance had a blaze of glory after defeating Shion Kiba.

Dragonic Overlord “The X” is still a useful card in today’s game. You gain the benefits from Legion. The ability returns four cards to the deck, and players always send their triggers to the deck.

Furthermore, Dragonic Overlord “The X” (Legion) and Dragonic Overlord the End (V Series) have fantastic synergy. This dynamic duo unleashes three attacks with your vanguards in Legion. You can also retire the opponent’s rear-guard if he or she blocks the attacks.

5. Dragonic Overlord “The Destiny”

The final version of Dragonic Overlord as a grade 3 in Cardfight!! Vanguard G is Dragonic Overlord “The Destiny”. The name fits the unit’s theme. His destiny with Toshiki Kai is helping TRY3 to defeat Gyze and the Apostles.

Decks with consistency have a great chance at winning games. Toshiki Kai plays Dragonic Overlord “The Destiny” for his useful abilities. This unit adds an Overlord from the top seven cards of the deck to your hand. You can consistently make strong plays with the proper card in hand.

In addition, Dragonic Overlord “The Destiny” provides a counter against Toshiki Kai’s former avatar, Chaos Breaker Dragon. Dragonic Overlord “The Destiny” targets a rear-guard’s circle and retires the card on it. Therefore, you can retire a locked card, and you open the circle for a new rear-guard.

6. Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon

Link Joker fits Toshiki Kai’s style of control. Star-vader, Chaos Break Dragon became Toshiki Kai’s avatar in Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker. They were an unstoppable duo. Toshiki Kai was undefeated with his Star-vader deck. Chaos Breaker and Toshiki Kai dominated Aichi in an epic game.

Furthermore, the original version of Star-vader, Chaos Breaker was a relevant card during Limit Break’s era, and Chaos Breaker resurfaced in the G-Format. The card’s Limit Break is an effective ability because it activates at the end of the opponent’s turn. You will always be able to retire the opponent’s rear-guard and draw a card.

7. Berserk Dragon (V Series)

The best grade 2 card in Toshiki Kai’s decks is the effective Berserk Dragon. He plays this card in all of his decks in Cardfight!! Vanguard V. The card perfectly fits his style of control.

Furthermore, Berserk Dragon has effective abilities. This card is a good card for your second vanguard. You draw a card from its first ability, and you retire an opponent’s rear-guard.

8. Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Kaiser Warning

Toshiki Kai carried multiple decks at a time in Cardfight!! Vanguard G. He still played his Narukami deck with Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion. He added Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Kaiser Warning in his G-Deck. Toshiki plays this G-Unit in the twelfth episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis.

Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Kaiser Warning attacks all of the opponent’s units in the front row. This card’s greatest ability is adding 5,000 power to two of your rear-guards when this unit’s attack hits opposing units. You have the potential to add 30,000 power to your side of the field. Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Kaiser Warning would need to hit three units in the front row to maximize the effect.

9. Blaster Blade Seeker

Toshiki Kai in his youth intended to build a Royal Paladin deck, but he gave Blaster Blade to Aichi. He turned his attention to Kagero. He developed a bond with Dragonic Overlord. Fate would reconnect Toshiki Kai and Blaster Blade.

Thus, Toshiki Kai played Blaster Blade Seeker in his new deck of Royal Paladins. The legendary unit was a perfect fit in his deck. Blaster Blade Seeker retires an opponent’s grade 2 or less rear-guard. You have some control of the field with this card.

In addition, Blaster Blade Seeker is Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon’s mate. Toshiki Kai played both cards for his devastating combo. They would unleash a powerful attack in Legion.

10. Flame of Hope, Aermo

The best cards in Toshiki Kai’s decks have abilities with costs. A smart player like Toshiki Kai always have a resourceful unit. He plays Flame of Hope, Aermo in his Kagero decks. Flame of Hope, Aermo counter charges a card and allows you to draw a card.

Decks need resourceful cards to replenish resources such as counter blasts and the soul. Flame of Hope, Aermo ensures Toshiki Kai to be able to activate abilities for Dragonic Overlord. He constantly play the deck and control the flow of the game.

Furthermore, Flame of Hope, Aermo is a generic card. You can play this card in any deck in Kagero. You can easily activate Flame of Hope, Aermo’s ability because the clan consistently retires the opponent’s rear-guards.

The Final Word

By and large, the best cards in Toshiki Kai’s decks are great cards in the real game. These cards and units have long legacies in Cardfight!! Vanguard. The best players in the anime typically play the best decks. Toshiki Kai is a fantastic character with amazing decks and cards.

These are the best cards in Toshiki Kai’s deck in my opinion. My list may not feature your favorite card. Share your list of the best cards in Toshiki Kai’s decks in the comments. I look forward to reading your opinions.

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