The Top Ten Cards in Jaden Yuki’s Deck

Jaden Yuki has an iconic deck with superheroes for monsters and powerful Spells with an amazing effects. His favorite archetype of monster is Elemental HERO. Jaden Yuki’s favorite monster is Elemental HERO Neos. Players continue to play some of his strongest cards from the anime and manga.

Furthermore, Jaden Yuki’s decks features some of the strongest cards in the game. Some of his cards were placed on the ban list for man years. Jaden is unleash powerful monsters and Spells.

This is my list of Jaden Yuki’s top ten cards in his decks from the anime and manga. I am only listing cards from Jaden Yuki’s deck in the anime and manga. The list will not include any new support for his archetypes from booster sets.

1. Super Polymerization

Appearance: Anime

Super Polymerization is one of the strongest cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Super Polymerization represents absolute power and domination in the anime. This powerful card has a long legacy in Yu-Gi-Oh!. It is an unstoppable force of domination.

Jaden first plays Super Polymerization in episode 152 in a duel against Jesse Anderson. He plays this card to use Elemental HERO Neos and Jesse Anderson’s Rainbow Dark Dragon to fusion summon Rainbow Neos! He briefly gains the momentum from his play.

Super Polymerization has a powerful effect. Super Polymerization uses the opponent’s monsters in addition to your monsters for a Fusion Summon. This card cannot be stopped! Therefore, Super Polymerization will instantly turn a duel in your favor and summon a powerful Fusion Monster!

2. Elemental HERO Stratos

Appearance: Manga

Jaden Yuki plays Elemental HERO Stratos in the manga of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Elemental HERO Stratos has a great design for a superhero. His powerful effects display heroics in duels.

Furthermore, competitive players play Elemental HERO Stratos for consistency in their decks.. Elemental HERO Stratos adds a HERO to your hand or destroys the opponent’s Spells and Traps. You can gain advantages in duels with this awesome card.

Unfortunately, Elemental HERO Stratos does not appear in the anime, and this is a disappointment. He would be fantastic addition to Jaden Yuki’s deck in the anime. Jaden could create amazing combos with Elemental HERO Stratos.

3. Masked HERO Dark Law

Appearance: Manga

Jaden plays Masked HERO Dark Law in the manga. This monster is one of the best Fusion Monsters. Masked HERO Dark Law enforces the law with his amazing effect. Masked HERO Dark Law banishes a card from the opponent’s hand after he or she adds a card from the deck to the hand. This effect perfectly counters an opponent’s strategy.

Furthermore, Masked HERO Dark Law has a great design for a permanent addition to Heroes. Nearly every deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! wants to add cards from the deck to the player’s hand. He counters many strategies from various decks. Masked HERO Dark Law is a fantastic Fusion Monster for every HERO deck.

4. Honest

Appearance: Anime

Hand traps became popular cards during Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Jaden plays one of these hand traps in his deck of Elemental Heroes. One of the strongest cards in Jaden Yuki’s deck is Honest. He plays this card to increase the ATK of his light monsters such as Elemental HERO Neos.

In addition, Honest has a long legacy in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Honest was a common card in competitive decks. This fairy counters the opponent in battle with his effect. You discard Honest to activate its ability to increase the ATK of your monster during battle

Furthermore, Honest’s effect would instantly turn the tide of a duel. Honest adds the ATK of an opponent’s monster in battle to your monster. Therefore, your monster would destroy the opponent’s monster, and you would inflict damage to the opponent.

5. Elemental HERO Absolute Zero

Appearance: Manga

One of my favorite cards from Jaden Yuki’s deck in the manga is Elemental HERO Absolute Zero. Elemental HERO Absolute Zero has the perfect image for a superhero. His uniform has a cool look. He looks like a superhero from the comics to a trading card game.

Elemental HERO Absolute Zero is a great card for many reasons. His effect destroys all of the opponent’s monsters after he leaves the field. This effect allows you to stall for time in a tough situation. An opponent would not want to lose all of his or her monsters.

Furthermore, Elemental HERO Absolute Zero is a easy Fusion Monster to summon. Elemental Heroes have many monsters with the attribute of water. Your deck will have the correct materials for the Fusion Summon.

6. E – Emergency Call

Appearance: Anime

Every deck needs consistency to increase its chances of winning games. E – Emergency Calls provides consistency to Elemental Heroes. This useful Spell adds one Elemental HERO from your deck to the hand. This cards helps you to set up powerful combos. You also have a HERO for a Fusion Summon.

Jaden Yuki plays E- Emergency Call in his deck of Elemental Heroes. He also knows the value of consistency. Jaden first plays E – Emergency Call during his duel against Abidos the Third in episode 40 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. He uses the effect to add Elemental HERO Sparkman to his hand.

7. Miracle Fusion

Appearance: Anime & Manga

A card with miracle in its name fits Jaden. His toughest opponents push him to the edge of defeat. Jaden sometimes needs a miracle from Miracle Fusion! He plays this card in the anime and manga.

Miracle Fusion is a great card for Elemental Heroes. This Spell uses material from your field or graveyard. The best source is your graveyard because you can reuse resources. Miracle Fusion saves cards in your hand and field. Your monsters from the graveyard create a new Elemental HERO!

Furthermore, Miracle Fusion has fantastic synergy with Elemental HERO The Shining! They have a great combo for offense. Elemental HERO The Shining gains 300 ATK for each of your banished Elemental Heroes. Miracle Fusion banishes material for Fusion Summons. Therefore, Elemental HERO The Shining gets a boost of ATK when you use Miracle Fusion to summon him.

8. Parallel World Fusion

Appearance: Manga

Parallel World Fusion is an amazing card for Elemental Heroes. Parallel World Fusion uses banished cards for the Fusion material. You may reuse monsters for this useful effect.

Parallel World Fusion has synergy with many Elemental Heroes and their support. For example, Miracle Fusion banishes monsters from the graveyard for a Fusion Summon. You may play Parallel World Fusion to use the same monsters for Fusion Material on your next turn.

Jaden Yuki first plays Parallel World Fusion in chapter 28 of the manga. He plays this card during a rematch against Bastion Misawa. He plays Parallel World Fusion to Fusion Summon Elemental Hero Gaia.

9. Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

Appearance: Anime

One of Jaden’s most efficient cards is Neo-Spacian Grand Mole. This monster has a useful effect for countering an opponent’s strategy. Jaden also uses Neo-Spacian Grand Mole to fuse with Elemental HERO Neos to form Elemental HERO Grand Neos!

Furthermore, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole is one of the best Neo-Spacians in Yu-Gi-Oh! Most monsters in the archetype are mediocre cards. Neo-Spacian Grand Mole provides a lot of value. This card effectively counters an opponent’s strategy. Neo-Spacian Grand Mole returns one of the opponent’s monster to his or her hand.

In addition, a Fusion Monster, Link Monster, Synchro Monster, and XYZ Monster return to the opponent’s extra deck. Therefore, an opponent must use additional resources to replay those monsters. Neo-Spacian Grand Mole forces an opponent to use more resources if he or she wants to replay the monster from the extra deck.

10. Elemental HERO Neos

Appearance: Anime

This list would not be complete without Elemental HERO Neos. Jaden Yuki’s signature monster is always standing by his side. This normal monster does not appear to be an impressive normal monster. However, looks can be deceiving to the eye. Elemental HERO Neos fits in many archetypes such as Elemental Heroes, HERO, and Yubel.

Furthermore, Elemental HERO Neos is a useful card in HERO decks. His name and attribute of Light make him to be a great card for Fusion Material. You may use Elemental HERO Neos for Fusion Material to Fusion Summon Elemental HERO The Shining  and Elemental HERO Sunrise.

Final Word:

Jaden Yuki plays amazing monsters and spells in his deck of Elemental Heroes. Some of these cards continue to shine in today’s game. Super Polymerization, Elemental HERO Stratos, and Masked HERO Dark Law are great cards by today’s standards.

This is my list of Jaden Yuki’s top ten cards. Your favorite cards from his deck may not have made my list. Please share your opinions about Jaden Yuki’s best cards in the comments. I look forward to reading them.

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