The Top Earning Yugitubers

Yu-Gi-Oh! videos have become a huge phenomenon YouTube! Every day there are new Yu-Gi-Oh! related videos and channels on YouTube. It’s never ending! This also led to the slang term Yugituber. A Yugituber is someone who uploads Yu-Gi-Oh! themed videos.

It is amazing to see how much money the most popular Yu-Gi-Oh! channels earn on a yearly basis. All of these YouTube partners have earn this. They provide the best videos in the Yu-Gi-Oh! community. Their projected earnings are far greater than Konami’s prize support. Konami really needs to step up its game and provide better prizes.

Listed below are ten of the top Yu-Gi-Oh! earners on YouTube. Click on the highlighted names to see each channel’s in-depth statistics. If the statistics do not appear after clicking the links, then do a quick search by the channel’s name. All of the statistics are provided by Please note that SocialBlade estimates channels’ earnings by their current average amount of views. This is subject to change. The current earnings will likely change by the time you are reading this article.

1. SimplyUnlucky $10.2K – $102.3K

2. AznEyesWhiteDragon $9.3K – $93K

3. Cyberknight8610 $5.3K – $53.4K

4. Mkohl40 $4K – $39.8K

5. GalacticGod $4K – $39.6K

6. Vexacus4666 $2.9K – $29.5K

7. YourYUGIOHChannel $2.8K – $28.5K

8. MegaCapitalG $967 – $9.7K

9. StarstrikeDuelistX $535 – $5.4K

10. underworld6667 $504 – $5K

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