Link Joker’s Future

The spell has been broken and Link Joker was defeated! Link Joker is very different from every clan in the game. It served as the main antagonist in season 3. Unlike Aqua Force and the Shadow Paladins, Link Joker is naturally evil. The clan was created by the Void unlike its previous army Aqua Force and the Shadow Paladins were manipulated by the corrupt Phantom Blaster Dragon. Link Joker was finally defeated by Aichi and Liberator, Monarch Sanctuary Alfred.

However, Link Joker doesn’t need a lot of support. The deck is strong enough to stay relevant in the competitive scene because of its unique Lock skill. Link Joker received a massive wave of support in 2013. Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon and Star-vader, Nebula Lord Dragon are the deck’s long-term bosses. To be honest it’s only missing a Quintet Wall. Link Joker’s infamous skill Lock gives it an advantage against most clans. Ezel and Alfred are two of a few strong individuals who are strong enough to break the spell.

Clans normally receive support when characters in the anime play those clans. The main characters’ clans receive the most support because their decks are featured more than less supported decks. It’s a form of advertising that is commonly used by companies. It is unlikely that Link Joker will have a character to represent it anytime soon. Its lack of representation can led to it being absent in future booster sets.

There is hope for Link Joker’s players. The Void’s return can certainly mean the return of Link Joker. Bushiroad could also release future support in promo packs. Japan’s most recent promo packs included support with the ability to unlock units or break the spell. Link Joker’s players have at least some hope for new support.

The future doesn’t appear to be clear for the Void’s avatar Link Joker. The lack of representation in the anime may led to the clan’s absence in future booster sets. Link Joker might be on the sidelines for the time being. Only time will tell if units will be locked again or King Alfred truly broke the spell.

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