The Apostles Part 3: Evil Bishop Gastille

Evil Bishop Gastille is the leader of the six apostles of Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze and founder of the church of Gyze. I assume he is the original apostle of Gyze because he is the bishop. Gyze plan is to eradicate life in the universe. He believes nothing is true equality and peace. Conflict would not exist if people with opposing positions existed. Gastille strongly believe in his God’s vile intentions. Gastille acts as a direct link for Gyze on Earth. He says humans’ and units’ from Cray are begging to be destroyed. He references violence, junk food, and greed as three of the reasons for life to be destroyed. He takes a relaxed approach to his style of leadership. He allows weaker apostles or followers to fail when they are disobedient comrades. He now sees them as useless individuals or pawns.

Gyze and Valeos are defeated in the first war on Cray. Gredora treats under the surface and fakes her death. Gastille prepares for the day that Gyze would return. His talent in affecting an individual mind would be his more effective strategy to fulfill his goal. His next step is spreading the word of his god to the people of Cray.

The Church of Gyze

Gastille is slowly spreading a corrupt religion for Gyze. He manipulates people to worship Gyze. He seeks individuals and groups of people in less than desirable situations. Then, he promises a better life with a new world under Gyze. Gyze’s new worshipers believe Gyze can make a positive change in their lives by destroying Cardfight!! Vanguard on Earth. He tells untruthful stories of the game directly affects their lives. Some units want freedom from the decisions in each major game. However, Gastille withholds Gyze’s true intentions to end all life. Gastille knows the truth of Gyze’s true intentions. He knows he will also be destroyed by Gyze, and he sees this as a blessing.

Gastille’s most notable victim is Shiranui. Shiranui was in a very vulnerable position after losing many of his comrades. Gastille approaches him to lure him into finding a host for Gyze. Shiranui’s first mission is to find a host for Chaos Breaker and his second mission is to find Gyze’s potential host. Shiranui is successful in leading Chaos Breaker to Earth, but he is defeated by Chrono before he is able to find a host for Gyze. Shiranui eventually sees the truth from Chrono, and changes his alliance in the war.


His arrival on Earth was not shown. Chaos Breaker most likely committed the act for Gastille to come to our world. His host is Arte Hibino. Gastille is able to find all six cards of the Zeroth Dragons. There is no explanation on how he found all six cards. His first command for his apostles is to capture all fighters with a history of defeating members of Team Diffrider.

Gastille quickly makes himself a huge threat to Team TRY3 and Team Q4. His fellow apostles defeats Shion, Chrono, Kazuma, and Taiyou. They seals Chrono, Kazuma, and Taiyou in Relics to convert one into Gyze’s host. Gastille attempts to steer Chrono’s mind to accept Gyze’s blessing. He tries to manipulate Chrono just like Gyze’s worshipers. His brilliant plan falls short. Team Q4 and their allies are able to rescue Team Striders from Relics and temporarily destroy it.

He is the only apostle, who is able to use special abilities on Earth. He traps Kouji Ibuki in a different dimension. He curses Ibuki and the Messiah. The curse attacks Ibuki’s heart after he takes damage in a game, and the Messiah will die if Ibuki is defeated. Ibuki is able to hold his ground for most of the fight, but his heart becomes too weak for him to stand. Chrono is able to breakthrough Gastille’s gate to join the two opponents. Chrono steps in the cardfight, and is able to play Ibuki’s deck to perfection. Chrono and Ibuki defeat Gastille in an epic cardfight.

Defeated Bishop

However, Gastille’s plan fails and he is sent back to Cray. Gastille disappeared after his defeat at Chrono’s hands. He is lurking in the shadows on Planet Cray. Waiting for his chance to strike. Blue Wave Marshall, Valeos becomes the apostles’ leaders on Earth in Gastille’s absence. Evil God Bishop, Gastille briefly returns in the twenty-first episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard G Z. He joins Gredora and Valeos on the battlefield with their evil God’s army.

The Evil Bishop

Gastille is one of my favorite villains in the series. I am always fascinated by villains within a religious cult. He strongly believes his actions are righteous. His beliefs of righteousness is the polar opposite of the universal view on righteousness. The average person would not believe death and destruction is the best solution to end suffering. The average person would say creating a better society of equal opportunity is the best solution. This is the reason that he manipulates Shiranui to do his bidding for Gyze. He is very direct with his corrupt religion with his fellow apostles and our heroes.

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