Starter Deck Review: Link Strike

Link Strike is the twelfth starter deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. Link Strike starts a new era in Yu-Gi-Oh! Many important rules have changed, and new mechanics are introduced. The starter deck introduces Link Monsters, the Link mechanic, and Cyberse monsters. The starter deck also includes many reprints of well-known cards.

Ultra Rare Cards
Super Rare Cards
  • Honeybot
  • Link Spider
  • RAM Clouder
Link Monsters

Link Strike’s headliner is Decode Talker. He is the first Link monster in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. Decode Talker is equipped with a Quick Effect. His effect protects your cards on the field. In addition, Decode Talker has synergy with Honeybot and Link Spider.

Furthermore, Link Slayer is an amazing card for Cyberse decks. He definitely deserves to be an ultra rare card. You can special summon him to the field if you do not control any monsters. His effect sets up Link Summons. Then, you consistently Link summon your Link Monsters.


Link Strike includes the usual reprints in starter decks. There are a few pretty good reprints. Mystical Space Typhoon and Pot of Duality are a good reprints. In addition, these cards are very basic and good for beginners to learn the game. They are also useful cards for many decks.


Link Strike’s strategy is to special summon Link monster as often as possible. This approach is to teach players how to play the basics and Link summoning. Furthermore, the combos are very simple. You want to special summon monsters to meet a Link Monster’s requirements. Then, you can Link summon your Link Monster!

Combo 1: Link Summon Decode Talker
  1. Special summon Link Slayer
  2. Normal summon Draconnet
  3. Activate Draconnet’s effect to special summon Bitron
  4. Link Summon Link Spider by using Bitron as material.
  5. Link summon Decode Talker!
The Final Word

Overall, Link Strike is a good starter deck for beginners and returning players. Yu-Gi-Oh! has changed a lot since it first began. I recommend Link Strike to beginner. You will learn the basic rules to start dueling at your local game store. You can improve the starter deck by buying booster packs. I am going to combine Link Strike with Cyberse Link to build a Cyberse deck.

Starter Deck Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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