Yu-Gi-Oh! Review: Yugi’s Legendary Decks

The King of Games is the greatest duelist in history. Atem and Yugi dueled in many epic duels that fans will remember for a lifetime. The original Yugi animated series is by far my favorite series in the franchise. Yugi’s Legendary Decks features 3 of Atem’s and Yugi’s decks from the original animated series. Konami also included promo cards that Yugi played in various duels. The decks are Yugi’s Exodia deck, Battle City deck, and Gadget deck. The Gadget deck is a combination of Yugi’s Gadget deck and Atem’s deck from their final duel.

New Cards!

This special set has three new promo cards and the errata version of Dark Magician of Chaos. It is only fitting for Yugi’s ace monster the Dark Magician to get support. Dark Renewal is a great card for every deck with dark Spellcasters and Dark Magicians. You counter your opponent’s summon by tributing their monster and your Spellcaster to special summon Dark Magician from your deck or graveyard. Black Illusion is a decent trap card to play to protect your Dark Magicians from harm. I honestly do not remember when Yugi played Electromagnetic Turtle. It is a great defensive card to force your opponent to skip their battle phase!

I wanted this special set for the errata version of Dark Magician of Chaos. His new effect makes him more balanced than his previous version. The new effect is still useful for every deck with powerful spell cards. You can easily fit him in any Spellcaster decks. Spellbooks will get an instant boost when he becomes legal in the TCG. He is currently unlimited in the OCG. Hopefully he will at least be limited in the TCG. Make it happen Konami!

Ultra Rare Reprints!

There are many reprints of Yugi’s best cards as ultra rare cards. Exodia, Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Magician of Black Chaos, and Mirror Force are just four of the many ultra rare cards. Arkana’s red Dark Magician receives its first release in English. Fans have been demanding for the Arkana’s evil Spellcaster to be released for years. He looks great in ultra rare foil!

Dark Magician Tool Box

Yugi’s Legendary Decks is the perfect set to buy if you want to build a Dark Magician deck. It has most of the cards that you need for the main deck. You have a full set of Dark Magicians and two copies of Dark Magician Girl. Skilled Dark Magician, Dark Magician of Chaos, Dark Renewal, Dark Paladin, and Black Illusions are perfect cards to add in your deck. You will only a need a few more cards from different sets to have a complete Dark Magician deck.

Cards That Should Have Been Ultra Rares

The only bad thing about the decks is not every card is an ultra rare. Most players want really nice cards. I was originally drawn to this special set to get ultra versions of every card. Every card should have been an ultra rare for the set to be worth $29.99. The vast majority of cards are commons. Dark Paladin and Blaster Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning look odd as common cards. It really hurts the decks’ overall value.

Overlooked Cards

Konami missed out on the opportunity to reprint Dark Magician’s support cards from the first Dragons of Legend. They made the mistake of short printing the entire set and these cards are the most expensive cards in a Dark Magician deck. Atem played these cards during Waking the Dragons arc. I would have liked to get my hands on Amulet Dragon, Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight, and the Eye of Timaeus. All three cards desperately need reprints. They are three of Atem’s most popular monsters from the entire animated series.

The Final Word

Overall, I am very pleased with Yugi’s Legendary Decks. Yugi’s Legendary Decks is a nice collector’s item. I picked up my copy at Walmart last Thursday. It pays its respects to the original series. Players can relive their favorite duels with Yugi’s signature cards. The promo cards are top notch quality! This is a great buy if you are interesting in building a Dark Magician deck. Competitive plays may want to skip this set and get ready for the next booster set. We can duel like the King of Games with Yugi’s Legendary Decks!

Legendary Decks Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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