Structure Deck Review: Cyber Strike

Structure Deck Opening - Cyber Strike

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX introduced Cyber Dragon alongside many other archetypes. Cyber Dragon has become a popular archetype in the trading card game. Konami has expanded this group of cards in many booster sets and structure decks. Konami’s latest expansion of the archetype is Structure Deck: Cyber Strike, and it features support for Cyberdark Dragon.

Structure Deck: Cyber Strike is the 52nd structure deck from Yu-Gi-Oh!. It is also the second structure deck with support for Cyber Dragon. It enhances the archetype with its new cards and powerful reprints.

  • 48 Cards
  • 5 Ultra Rare Cards
  • 3 Super Rare Cards
  • 40 Common Cards
  • Deluxe Double-Sided Game Mat/Dueling Guide

Structure Deck Opening:

I have opened Structure Deck: Cyber Strike on YouTube. This video reveals all of the cards in the deck. It is a quick breakdown of each card.

New Cards: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Structure Deck: Cyber Strike includes many new cards for Cyberdark Dragon. It has new fusion monsters, spells, and traps. They have powerful effects and some of them have become staples for the archetype.

The featured card from Structure Deck: Cyber Strike is Cyberdark End Dragon. The card on the cover is always the top monster in the deck. Cyberdark End Dragon lives up to the hype. Cyberdark End Dragon complements the archetype’s strategy of an OTK. This powerful fusion monster has 5,000 ATK and can attack multiple times in a single turn.

Cybernetic Horizon is one of the new and powerful cards from Structure Deck: Cyber Strike. This spell cad sets up combos for the deck. It adds a Cyber monster from the deck to your hand and it also sends a fusion monster to the graveyard. You may equip this fusion monster to one of your monsters.

For instance, Cybernetic Horizon may send Cyber End Dragon to the graveyard. Then, you may equip Cyberdarkness Dragon with that fusion monster such as Cyber End Dragon. Cyberdarkness Dragon gains the original ATK of Cyber End Dragon, and the total ATK of Cyberdarkness Dragon would be 6,000

Reprints: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Structure Deck Review: Cyber Strike has many valuable reprints. It includes many important cards for the strategies of Cyber Dragon and Cyberdark Dragon. Most of these reprints are common cards in this structure deck.

One of the main attractions for Structure Deck: Cyber Strike is the reprint of Infinite Impermanence. This card is one of the best traps in Yu-Gi-Oh!.  Infinite Impermanence negates the effects of an opponent’s monster. You may activate Infinite Impermanence from the hand if you do not control any cards on the field.

Another good reprint from Structure Deck: Cyber Strike is Cyber Dragon Core. It is a staple in decks with Cyber Dragon. This effect monster creates many combos. Cyber Dragon Core has the name of Cyber Dragon and you may use this effect monster in place of the true Cyber Dragon for fusion material and effects.

Strategy: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Cyberdark End Dragon

The deck’s strategy is special summoning Cyberdark End Dragon and beating the opponent with a powerful attack. Many cards set up your fusion summons such as Fusion Tag and Fusion Deployment.

In addition, Overlord Fusion fusion summons your dark machine monsters from the extra deck. The best feature of the effect of Overload Fusion is the option to banish monsters from your graveyard as fusion material. The effect saves cards in your hand and reuses your fallen machines in the graveyard.

Furthermore, Cyber Dragon Core and Cyber Dragon Herz are key effect monsters to the deck. They provide consistency with their effects. Both monsters have the name of Cyber Dragon. You may use them as fusion material for Cyber End Dragon.

Cyberdark End Dragon is the deck’s boss. You want to attach two or more monsters to it. Cyberdark End Dragon has the potential to unleash multiple attacks in a single turn, and this fusion monster is a major threat with 5,000 ATK. If you have attached two monsters to Cyberdark End Dragon, then it may attack twice in a turn.

Deck List:

Card NumberNameRarityCategory
SDCS-EN001Attachment CybernCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN002Cyberdark ChimeraUltra RareEffect Monster
SDCS-EN003Cyber DragonCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN004Cyber Dragon ZweiCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN005Cyber Dragon DreiCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN006Cyber Dragon VierCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN007Cyber Dragon NachsterCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN008Cyber Dragon CoreCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN009Cyber Dragon HerzSuper RareEffect Monster
SDCS-EN010Cyber PharosCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN011Cyber ValleyCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN012Cyber PhoenixCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN013Cyberdark HornCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN014Cyberdark EdgeCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN015Cyberdark KeelCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN016Cyberdark CannonCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN017Cyberdark ClawCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN018Leng LingCommonUnion monster
SDCS-EN019Jizukiru, the Star Destroying KaijuCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN020Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky SlasherCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN021Gale DograCommonEffect Monster
SDCS-EN022Cyber EternalCommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SDCS-EN023Cyberdark RealmUltra RareContinuous Spell Card
SDCS-EN024Cyber Repair PlantCommonNormal Spell Card
SDCS-EN025Cyber EmergencyCommonNormal Spell Card
SDCS-EN026Cyberload FusionCommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SDCS-EN027Cyberdark Impact!CommonNormal Spell Card
SDCS-EN028Cyberdark InfernoCommonField Spell Card
SDCS-EN029Future FusionCommonContinuous Spell Card
SDCS-EN030Fusion DeploymentSuper RareNormal Spell Card
SDCS-EN031Fusion TagCommonNormal Spell Card
SDCS-EN032Machine DuplicationCommonNormal Spell Card
SDCS-EN033Limiter RemovalCommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SDCS-EN034Cyberdark InvasionCommonContinuous Trap Card
SDCS-EN035Cybernetic RevolutionCommonNormal Trap Card
SDCS-EN036Infinite ImpermanenceSuper RareNormal Trap Card
SDCS-EN037Power WallCommonNormal Trap Card
SDCS-EN038Call of the HauntedCommonContinuous Trap Card
SDCS-EN039Paleozoic CanadiaCommonNormal Trap Card
SDCS-EN040Cybernetic OverflowCommonNormal Trap Card
SDCS-EN041Cyber End DragonUltra RareEffect Fusion Monster
SDCS-EN042Chimeratech OverdragonCommonEffect Fusion Monster
SDCS-EN043Cyberdarkness DragonCommonEffect Fusion Monster
SDCS-EN044Cyberdark End DragonUltra RareEffect Fusion Monster
SDCS-EN045Cyberdark DragonCommonEffect Fusion Monster
SDCS-EN046Cybernetic HorizonUltra RareNormal Spell Card
SDCS-EN047Power BondCommonNormal Spell Card
SDCS-EN048Overload FusionCommonNormal Spell Card

Final Rating:

Overall, Structure Deck: Cyber Strike is good structure deck by Konami. New players and veterans can easily dive into the archetypes of Cyber Dragon and Cyberdark. You have many key cards for the archetypes. You can consistently play this structure deck and three copies of this structure deck make an amazing deck. Therefore, I recommend buying Structure Deck: Cyber Strike if you want to build a deck for Cyberdark Dragon.

Structure Deck Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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