September 2013 Ban List Predictions

The September 2013 ban list is coming soon! The legal changes will greatly affect the current meta. Spellbooks and Elemental Dragons are the top decks. However, being on top isn’t a problem. The problem is always broken cards. Here are my predictions on what should be banned, limited, and semi-limited! Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

Spellbook of Judgment
Prediction- Banned

Spellbook of Judgment is one of the worst designed Yu-Gi-Oh! cards of all times! The card is incredibility broken. Instead of banning searcher cards like Spellbook of Secrets, Konami should ban the problem card. Spellbook of Judgment, you have to get out of here!

Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of The Beginning 
Prediction- Limited

Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of The Beginning is one of the game’s most powerful game changers. He is very easy to summon in many decks that support Dark and Light monsters. However, he wasn’t relevant in this meta. There is a good chance that Konami won’t touch him.

Pot of Avarice
Prediction- Banned

Pot of Avarice is the more powerful version of Pot of Greed. Pot of Avarice adds five monsters from the graveyard to the deck and allows you to draw two cards. It’s a huge plus in recycling resources and gaining card advantage. This is a broken and unskilled card. You give up nothing for 7 cards; 5 in the deck and 2 in the hand. 

Evilswarm Ophion
Prediction- Limited

Evilswarm Ophion is one of the most annoying monsters in the game. He prevents players from summoning all level 5 monsters. By doing this he prevents every deck from quickly playing its boss monster. However, it’s not untouchable. An opponent can destroy it with a strong combo or a simple Dark Hole. That’s why it should be limited. Three copies are too much. It slows down one player’s game far too much.

Spellbook of Secrets
Prediction- Semi Limited

Spellbook of Secrets makes Spellbook decks very consistent. To make the deck less consistent is by semi limiting Spellbook of Secrets to two cards. Spellbook of Secrets can search for any Spellbook card in the deck. Prophecy has many ways of searching the deck. Hitting one searcher isn’t going to kill the deck. It’s only going to make it more balanced.
Super Rejuvenation
Prediction- Banned
This card has made a huge comeback because of Elemental Dragons. It gives the deck a HUGE plus! Elemental Dragons discards many cards during their opening turn. It can give the player two starting hands in one turn. That’s way too broken. 
Dark Magician of Chaos
Prediction- Limited

Dark Magician of Chaos should make his glorious return this September! Dark Magician of Chaos would not help Spellbook decks if Spellbook of Judgment is banned. The reminding Spellbook cards are very balanced together. 

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