Powerful Black Character Sets for RPG Maker

The RPG Maker is a wonderful program for making games, but it has its share of flaws. One of RPG Maker’s biggest issues was the lack of diverse characters. If a developer such as myself wanted a character with darker skin, then he or she would not have any options from the RTP. Every character from the RPG Maker was either Caucasian or Asian. Since, Enterbrain did not offer any graphics of characters with different skin tones at the time.

Five years ago, I recolored characters from Enterbrain’s generator on its website for the RPG Maker VX. Unfortunately, the software did not include a generator with different skin tones for characters during this time. I used GIMP to edit the characters’ skin tone. I wanted to create black characters to add more diversity in the genre. Some of the characters was added to my game.

Fortunately, Enterbrain resolved this issue with RPG Maker MV. The latest version of the RPG Maker includes a generator and you have the option to change a character’s skin tone. I use this feature very often to create a variety of characters. I prefer making a game with diverse characters from different backgrounds. Realism in games is a good concept in my opinion.

Enjoy these characters for your projects. These resources are for RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX ACE. You must own the licenses to the RPG Maker VX or RPG Maker VX ACE to use these resources in your games! Also, please do not post these resources on other websites. Please remember to add credits to your games.

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Classic Characters

Joe the Pirate

RPG Maker Pirate

Joe the pirate is my favorite recolored character. I used this character in the original version of my game. He looks like a cool character for any game. Joe can be a party member or he can be a hostile enemy. The possibilities are in your hands.

Power Mage

RPG Maker Black Mage

Every RPG with a medieval theme needs a mage! Your party needs a member with magical abilities to heal party members. He unleashes powerful magic in combat, and heals wounded allies. Furthermore, your mage needs powerful rods to enhance his abilities. His magical attacks will become unstoppable!

Village NPC

Finally, the last classic character is the village NPC.

Modern Characters


Here is a businessman for a modern setting. He can be a charitable member in the community or he can commit white collar crimes. You have a lot of options to create an interesting character for your game. For example, the businessman can a manipulative foe behind the scenes. I have a lot of fun with this character.

Office Intern

I also like the office intern. He is a good character for a modern setting. You can use this character for a variety of reasons. He can be an intern, boss, reporter, or professor. I prefer using him as an intern or reporter. His sunglasses come in handy when he is reporting news in sunny weather.


My character of a supervisor fits in a modern setting. He can be the worst supervisor ever. This grumpy supervisor can be an inconvenience to your heroes. Your heroes do not want to lose their jobs. They must find a way to leave the office without getting noticed.

Secret Service

Finally, I present secret service! Every president needs protection from all forms of danger. This guy is the best trained member of your secret service. Nobody can get passed him. The president is in good hands with secret service by his or her side.


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