News! Upcoming Cardfight!! Vanguard Promos!

Wow! There are some AWESOME new upcoming Cardfight!! Vanguard promos! Fearless Jewel Knight, Julia, Jetraizer, Pansy Musketeer, Silva, and Thousand Name Wyvern Knight are the upcoming promos!

Fearless Jewel Knight, Julia
Royal Paladin


[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter Blast (2)] At the end of the battle that this unit attacked a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to a number of cards with “Jewel Knight” as the number of this unit’s [Critical], call them to separate (RC), and shuffle your deck.
[AUTO](VC):When this unit attacks a vanguard, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of that battle.

Nova Grappler

[AUTO](RC):[Counter Blast (1) & Put this unit into your soul] When an attack hits a vanguard during the battle that this unit boosted a «Nova Grappler», you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your rear-guards with “Raizer” in its card name, and [Stand] it.

Pansy Musketeer, Silvia
Neo Nector


[AUTO]:When this unit is placed on (VC) or (RC), reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a unit with “Musketeer” in its card name, call it to (RC), and if it is not, shuffle your deck.

Thousand Name Wyvern Knight


[ACT](RC):[Soul Blast (1)] Choose your «Narukami» vanguard, and this unit is treated with that card name until end of turn.


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