Dragon Ball Z Evolution

The Androids invade DBZ TCG in Dragon Ball Z Evolution! Do not confuse the name with the horrible movie Dragon Ball Evolution. Set fourth is far from horrible and it is loaded with our favorite villains from the Androids Saga! Androids 17, 18, 19, 20 and Vegeta’s heroic version as a Super Saiyan are the Main Personalities in the starter decks. Each starter deck includes 70 cards. 60 cards are in the main deck, and 10 cards are the Main Personality, mastery, prism foil, and starter deck foils.

The booster set contains 140 new and hard hitting cards! The new cards introduce new deck types and support current decks. You can also find foil versions of the starter-deck’s Main Personality cards! I want a foil Super Saiyan Vegeta! Booster packs include 12 cards per pack! Ultra Rares are in every box!

Dragon Ball Z Evolution is set to be released October 30th, 2015! Prepare yourself for the Androids’ invasion! Can the Z Fighters change their future or will they suffer the same fate as their counterparts from Future Trunks’s timeline?

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