Unit of The Week: Machining Tarantula mk II

The web of a spider does not differentiate between generals or soldiers. 

[ACT](VC): Legion20000 “Machining Hornet mk II” (If your opponent’s vanguard is grade 3 or greater, this unit may return four cards from your drop zone into your deck once, search your deck for the specified card, and Legion)
[AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (1)] When this unit’s drive check reveals a card with the same name as a unit on your (VC), if this unit is Legion, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose all of your opponent’s vanguards, and those units cannot [Stand] during your opponent’s next stand phase.
[ACT](VC):[Soul Blast (2)-card with “Machining” in its card name] Choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards, and that unit cannot [Stand] during your opponent’s next stand phase.

Machining is MegaColony’s premiere archetype. They shut down your opponents by paralyzing all of your opponents’ units including their vanguards! Machining Tarantula mk II is the clan’s first Legion. It was created by analyzing many destroyed  Machining Tarantula. This new version is far superior to its predecessor and is accompanied by Machining Hornet mk II. They catch their prey in an unbreakable web.

Machining Tarantula mk II’s Legion skill prevents an opposing vanguard from standing during your opponent’s next stand phase. Your drive check must reveal a copy of Machining Hornet mk II or Machining Tarantula mk II to active the skill. You can gain a huge advantage if your opponent cannot ride on their next turn. Your opponent will not be able to draw two cards from his or her twin drive. This skill is not very effective against Legion decks because opponents will active Legion to have a standing vanguard and recycle four triggers from the drop zone into their decks. However, Machining Tarantula mk II’s Legion skill can be good against Generation Break decks. Opponents can ride a new vanguard, but may not have enough grades in their hand to play the cost to Stride. Discarding more than one card for Stride is often considered to be a bad play for discarding too many cards. Stride becomes very inactive if you are unable to ride a new vanguard. G-Units are placed in the same position as the vanguard.

However, the skill is inconsistent. Either your twin drive reveals a copy of your vanguards or you will miss an opportunity to limit your opponent’s offensive capabilities. The restriction balances the skill. If the skill only required a Machining unit to be revealed during twin drive, then the skill would be extremely broken. Your opponent would not be able to play vanguard.

Machining Tarantula mk II’s second skill is decent. Soul blast two cards with Machining in their names and rest one of your opponent’s rear-guards. That unit cannot stand during your opponent’s next stand phase. You can activate it as many times as possible during your main phase. Your opponent could retire the paralyzed unit to replace it with a ready attacker, but they would be losing a card. The play would not be worth it in the long run.

Overall, Machining Tarantula mk II is a good boss in Megacolony decks. Its Legion skill can give you a major advantage if you are able to activate it. The skill will annoy opponents especially when they do not see it coming. You can gain a huge advantage if your opponent cannot ride on their next turn. It has the potential to slowdown Stride decks.

Card Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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