My Thoughts On Generation Break 8

Every new season of Cardfight!! Vanguard introduces new mechanics or expands upon previous mechanics. Season one introduced the game. Season two features Limit Break. Season three expands Limit Break with the Break Ride. Season four has one of my favorite mechanics Legion. Season five features Generation Break and G-Units. Season six gave us G-Guardians. Cardfight!! Vanguard G Next Stage has introduced Generation Break 8.

Unleash the Power!

Generation Break 8 is an extension of Generation Break. Eight is larger than two and three. These units’ difficult requirements are high because these skills are amazing. They are designed to win games for their players. Players only need to have one or two per deck. This leaves room for additional options in certain games.

Most G-Units with Generation Break 8 will find a place in most decks. The Royal Paladins have the powerful Divine Knight of Condensed Light, Olbius Avalon. Royal Paladins are not known for having more than three attacks per turn. Divine Knight of Condensed Light, Olbius Avalon gives a lot of potential to his clan. He can either complete a formation or replace a formation with new units for more offense.

Set Up GB8

You require a lot more face up G-Units than the average Generation Break. It may take a few turns to enable the ability. The best options are G-Units that flip other G-Units face up and G-Guardians with skills to flip G-Guardians face up. I would play a deck with only cards with abilities to flip G-Units or G-Guardians face up. The only G-Units without the cost to flip G-Units are the G-Units with Generation Break 8. You want to flip as many G-Units face up as possible during every turn.

Every deck with Generation Break 8 will need to play full sets of G-Guardians with the cost of flipping G-Guardians face up in the G-Zone. All clans have at least one option to choose from. You want as many cards to flip face up in the G-Zone as possible. You are using your opponent’s turn as an opportunity to set up your Generation Break 8. You are investing G-Guardians for Generation Break 8.

Expectations For Every Game

Do not expect to play Generation Break 8 in every game. A lot of resources must be used before gaining access to the most powerful version of Generation Break. You must know your enemy’s strategy before making a quick decision. Other G-Units may have better skills against your opponent’s deck. You may be in a situation that calls for a particular G-Unit to help you get back into the game.

Better Options

Not every deck needs to play cards with Generation Break 8. There are quicker and better cards for particular archetypes. For example, Blaster and Alfred decks have a good variety of strong G-Units. Players gain advantages from cards such as Divine Knight King, Alfred Holy Saver and Holy Divine Knight, Gancelot Peace Saver. Both of these cards are essential to the deck’s success.

Then, a few G-Units with Generation Break 8 have already been outclassed in just a few months. Interdimensional Dragon, Beyond Order Dragon appeared to be Gear Chronicle’s best G-Unit. The ability to repeat your main phase and battle phase is attractive. Your vanguard is able to attack twice. However, Metapulsar, Mystery-freeze Dragon is a much stronger card. Its skill restricts an opponent’s defensive options and can potentially add a drive check.

The Final Word

Generation Break 8 is a powerful skill and can be difficult to achieve in every game. It is rewarding to play a card with a huge up side. I play at least one G-Unit with Generation Break 8 in most of my decks. There are just a few decks without the need for GB8. Carefully choose the right decks for these special cards. You want to maximize their potential.

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