MegaMan Classic 8-bit Figures by Jakks Pacific are Available at Walgreens!

MegaMan Jakks Pacific at Walgreens

I went to my local Walgreens and unexpectedly found Jakks Pacific’s MegaMan Classic 8-bit figures! My local store sales the figures for $4.99 including taxes. They only had two figures left on the shelves! I bought one to add to my huge collection of MegaMan figures.

Unfortunately, my local Walgreens do not have the two packs. My search for more MegaMan Classic 8-bit Figures will continue. I recommend going on Amazon or to a local Gamestop for the two packs. The two packs include two figures and background of the original game.  The figures would look great with the game’s background behind them.

Furthermore, I love the figure’s style. They are the perfect representation of the classic games from the Nintendo Entertainment System. Jakks Pacific has experience making this type of figure with their Super Mario line. I also have an 8-bit Luigi figure in my Super Mario collection. Jakks Pacific delivers awesome 8-bit MegaMan figures.

The Entire Set Includes
  • Cutman
  • Elecman
  • GutsMan
  • IceMan
  • MegaMan
  • Megaman with Hyper Bomb
  • MegaMan with Ice Slasher
  • MegaMan with Rolling Cutter

Be sure to check out your local Walgreents for Jakks Pacific’s MegaMan Classic 8-bit figures! If you are a true fan of MegaMan like me, then I recommend buying these figures. Pick up these figures well you still can buy them!

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