Legend Deck Review: The Overlord Blaze Toshiki Kai

The Overlord Blaze Toshiki Kai is the most wanted decks in the history of Cardfight!! Vanguard. The Overlord Blaze Toshiki Kai includes one full deck, an extra deck with eight cards, and a deck box. It features one the series’ most popular characters from the anime and one of the game’s most dominating archetypes returns with new support. Toshiki Kai returns with his avatar Dragonic Overlord in a new evolution. Kai plays this deck in Cardfight!! Vanguard G.

The Legend Returns

Dragonic Overlord “The Legend” is Dragonic Overlord’s next evolution. He is a grade 3 unit with Generation Break and the power to become a grade 4 unit. He is able to attack twice per turn just like his predecessors. His second skill is helps you build your hand and set up plays. You can draw a flame dragon from the top five cards of your deck. I would either draw a grade 3 to use to pay for Stride or a perfect guard if I need the defense.

Generation Stride

The Legend Deck includes 8 G-units. You are half way to completing your extra deck! The deck has two copies of Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord “the Ace”, four copies of Transcendence Divine Dragon, Nouvelle Vague L’Express, and two copies of Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Vortex Desire. Your extra deck only needs eight more cards to be complete. Add G-Guardians and another offensive G-unit to complete the extra deck.

New Dragonic Overlord Support

Nearly every card in The Overlord Blaze supports all of Dragonic Overlord’s forms. Emperor Dragon Knight, Nehalem is the best offensive rear-guard in the deck. He gains 2,000 power when you have an Overlord vanguard and 5,000 power when your grade 4 Overlord attacks a vanguard. Berserk Lord Dragon is also a great card. He retires a grade 2 or less rear-guard when your grade 4 vanguard attacks a vanguard. You can wreck your opponent’s front row by having two copies of Berserk Lord Dragon on the field.

The only bad card in this deck is Amber Dragon, Midnight. I tested this deck without making changes to it, and often had a problem because I was forced to ride Amber Dragon, Midnight. None of my rear-guards were able to use their skills. They require an Overlord to be my vanguard. Adding any previous form of Dragonic Overlord fixes this issue. I replaced Amber Dragon, Midnight with the original Dragonic Overlord. The deck maintained its consistency.

The Final Word

The Overlord Blaze Toshiki Kai is by far the best deck released by Bushiroad. The deck is very competitive on its own. Amber Dragon, Midnight is the only questionable card in the entire deck. I am having fun playing this deck. A player at my locals won a tournament with this deck. It is one of the strongest decks in current format. I will test different versions of this deck with Dragonic Overlord the End and Dragonic Overlord the Great.

Legend Deck Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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