Unit of The Week: Raven-haired Ezel (V Series)

No matter how hard one resists, fate cannot be changed……

[ACT](Hand):If your vanguard is “Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel”, COST [Counter Blast (1)], and ride this card as [Stand].
[AUTO](VC):When it attacks, if “Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel” is in your soul, COST [Counter Blast (1)], until end of that battle, this unit gets [Power]+15000/[Critical]+1, and your opponent cannot call sentinels from his or her hand.

Ezel is one of the staple characters in Cardfight!! Vanguard. Ezel is Aichi’s avatar in Cardfight!! Vanguard Asia Circuit, and he is Kourin’s avatar in Cardfight!! Vanguard V. His skills are known for superior riding him and calling Gold Paladins to the field. His newest card is Raven-haired Ezel, and he is one of the strongest Gold Paladin cards in the standard format. Additionally, Raven-haired Ezel’s skill superior rides him to the field!

Raven-haired Ezel’s first skill superior rides him if your vanguard is Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel. This ability’s purpose is to ride two grade 3 cards and gain two Accel circles in a single turn. You can ride Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel, and then you may use Raven-haired Ezel’s skill to superior ride him. Your formation is stronger with two Accel circles for your rear-guards. Ezel and your rear-guards deliver a lot of early pressure to your opponent.

Furthermore, Raven-haired Ezel’s second skill gives 10,000 power and an additional one critical to him, and your opponent cannot negate the attack with a perfect guard (Sentinel). This power-up further accelerates Ezel’s strategy to rush your opponent. It is unlikely that your opponent will have enough cards in his or her hand to block Ezel’s attack at this early point in the game. In addition to Ezel’s power-up, critical triggers will push your opponent to the edge of defeat. Raven-haired Ezel with two critical triggers deals four damage to your opponent!

Play these cards with Raven-haired Ezel
  • Flame Wind Lion, Wonder Ezel
  • Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel (V Series)

Finally, both skills require Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel, and you need a consistent strategy to ensure he is always in the soul for Raven-haired Ezel. This is where Flame Win Lion, Wonder Ezel comes into play. Wonder Ezel can superior ride Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel. This skill is very useful if you do not have a copy of Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel in your hand. Then, you may proceed to superior ride Raven-haired Ezel.

Overall, Raven-haired Ezel is a stronger finisher for Ezel decks. His ability to superior ride accelerates the Gold Paladin’s gold rush. You can gain two Accel circles in a single turn. Then, Raven-haired Ezel neutralizes your opponent’s perfect guards in his or her hand. Raven-haired Ezel and the Gold Paladins will rush your opponent, and claim victory!

Card Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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