How To Get Free Cardfight Vanguard Cards!

Trading cards can be expensive.We’re spending a lot of money on trading cards. Many of us go to our locals to buy booster packs.  It may take a while to make a deck by buying booster packs. Sometimes luck is not on our side. We don’t always pull the cards our decks need. Buying singles can be even more expensive!

However, last summer I joined Swagbucks. It is a legit rewards program that gives members swagbucks( reward points) for searching the internet, completing surveys, playing free online games, etc. You can also get points for shopping on,, and other legit websites.

You can cash in your swagbucks for awesome prizes! You can get video games, posters, toys, etc. for free! I always cash in my points for Amazon gift cards. I use my Amazon gift cards to buy Cardfight!! Vanguard cards! This month I purchased two Alfred Early cards and two High Dog Breeder, Akane cards with Amazon gift cards. I used the Amazon gift cards that I won from Swagbucks.

If you are patient then you can get a lot of cards for free by using Swagbucks. It’s a great way to get the cards you want! 

Click the banner below and starting earning points today! Save up your points to earn gift cards to buy more powerful Cardfight!! Vanguard cards! 
Search & Win

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