Gold Paladins Invade Locals!

Today I went to get my game on at my locals! Sadly there was only one other Cardfight!! Vanguard player besides myself. Most people at my locals play Magic The Gathering. Normally there are more Cardfight!! Vanguard players at the store. I wonder where they were.
Anyways, the first four games were very terrible. I had the worst luck in the entire world. In the first game I never drew a Grade 2 unit. In the second game I did not draw a Grade 1 unit. There was noway on Earth to win the second game. I did not draw a Grade 3 unit in the third and fourth games.
However, things got better! I won the next two games. I was finally getting starting hands with every grade unit. Although I had the wrong Grade 3’s as my vanguard. I did not draw Great Silver Wolf, Garmore and  Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel. Instead Battlefield Storm, Sagramore was my Vanguard for game five. Sleygal Double Edge was the Vanguard for game six. During the sixth game I discovered how useful Holy Mage, Manawydan can be as a rear guard unit. He gains 2000 power when he is boosted by a Gold Paladin unit. This easily helps him surpass 15,0000 power.
Overall, my deck needs major work. I’m currently playing an edited Gold Paladin trail deck. It doesn’t have a winning image. The deck does not focus on particular cards. First, my deck is lacking better Grade 3 units. Great Silver Wolf, Garmore and  Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel are powerful cards. However, I only have one copy of each. That really hurts my deck. I didn’t draw either card during today’s games. Secondly, Crimson Lion Cub, Kyrph is a decent starting vanguard. It’s only useful to superior call Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel. Once again I did not draw what I needed to use Crimson Lion Cub, Kyrph’s skill. Although that was mainly due to bad luck because I have 4 copies of  King of elegant Skills, Gareth and Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains.
Deck List
Starting Vanguard
Crimson Lion Crub, Kyrph
Elixir Sommelier x4
Fortune Bell x4
Silent Punsiher x4
Weapons Dealer, Gwydion x4
Grade 1 Units
Blessing Owl x2
Charjgal x2
Evil Slaying Swordsman, Haugan x4
King of elegant Skills, Gareth x4
Precipice Whirlwind, Sagramore x1
Sliver Fang Witch x1
Grade 2 Units 
Battle Flag Knight, Laudine x2
Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains x4
Mage of Calamity Tripp x2
Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane x1
Sacred Guardian Beast, Nemean Lion x2
Grade 3 Units
Battlefield Storm, Sagramore x4
Great Silver Wolf, Garmore x1
Holy Mage, Manawydan x1
Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel x1
Sleygal Double Edge x1


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