Goku & Vegeta Tag Team!

There is no I in team! Goku tag teams with Vegeta and friends to save the universes from the forces of evil! Goku is the second Hero to be revealed for the upcoming starter decks. He is stronger than ever with the help of his allies! I’m a huge fan of ally decks. I want to play my favorite characters in a dream team. All my DBZ decks have always focused around Allies. Goku is the leading the charge!

Goku Relaxed 

Power: Physical Attack.
You may return an Ally you control to its owner’s hand. Damage: 2 life cards.
HIT: At the end of combat, you may search your Life Deck for an Ally and place it on top of your Life Deck.

Goku’s skill has chemistry with Vegeta Unrelenting! You place Vegeta back into your hand to summon him to block an attack. A good offensive skill is also a good defensive skill! The HIT skill gives you an advantage for the next combat. It will be ready to play during your next turn!

Goku Motivated

Your attacks deal +2 life cards of damage.
Power: Use when entering combat. Choose an Ally in play. Players cannot use effects that would cause that Ally to leave play this turn.

Your best Ally on the field has resistance. Chi-Chi is a fantastic Ally with this skill. You can keep her on the field to block physical attacks until you reach level three! She provides a free block every turn.

Goku Calm

Power: Energy attack.
You may search your Life Deck or discard pile for an Ally and play it. That Ally can make actions regardless of your MP’s power stage this combat.
DAMAGE: 6 life cards.
HIT: If your next attack this combat is performed by an Ally, it cannot be stopped.

The HIT conditions are great with many allies. Take a look at Tien His skill allows you to draw a card after his attack hits. Your opponent will not be able to stop Tien from hitting him or her. The extra draw can give you an extra attack in combat. Drawing Vegeta would be great as well for a defensive advantage in combat!

Yamcha is also a great card to play alongside Goku Calm! His skill deals three life cards of damage and it shuffles a Setup, Drill, or Ally into your opponent’s deck. Remove your opponent’s most annoying cards from the field.

Goku Dashing

Power: Search your Life Deck, discard pile, Banished Zone for an Ally and place it into play at its highest power stage. Choose one of your Allies in play. For the remainder of combat, that Ally may make actions regardless of your MP’s power  stage and attacks performed by that Ally deal +4 life cards of damage.

Goku Dashing recruits one of his allies and powers them to up to their maximum power level. The Ally can also make actions regardless of Goku’s power stage! I would choose an offensive Ally like Vegeta, Tien, or Yamcha to have an extra attack in combat.

Vegeta Unrelenting

(If your MP is Goku, once per combat you may place this card into play from your hand at 2 power stages above 0 to stop a physical or energy attack)
Power: Energy attack costing 1 stage.
DAMAGE: AT life cards.

I expected Vegeta to be a rogue character instead of a Hero in this set. Vegeta does not become a Hero until the end of the Buu Saga. However, Panini America sees the story in a different light. Vegeta is the perfect defensive card for a deck with Goku as the Main Personality. Vegeta Unrelenting is a great defensive card and has a decent energy attack. It gives you the option to play it from your hand during your opponent’s turns in combat to block almost any attack.

The Final Word

A Main Personality that focuses on Allies appears to be the trend for each format. We had Captain Ginyu as the Ally deck in the first format and he dominated the game since the first booster set. Heroes finally have a Main Personality that supports Allies. Goku is a more balance character than Captain Ginyu. Captain Ginyu enabled multiple Allies to make actions in combat regardless of his power stage. Goku’s skills do not give him an overwhelming advantage in combat. His skills only allow one Ally in play to make actions for you in combat. I am looking forward to building a Goku Ally deck.

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