DBZ Card Review: Blue Tag Team Mastery

(At the start of your opponent’s first turn, search your Life Deck for an Ally and place it into play at 3 power stages above 0.)
While you control 1 Ally, it cannot be discarded by critical damage effects.
POWER: Use at the end of combat, Choose an Ally in your Banished Zone and Rejuvenate it.

Blue Tag Team Mastery is the first Mastery with skills that focus on our Allies! Allies are awesome friends to have on the battlefield with our Main Personalities. Their abilities on the field can swing in game in your favor. Their abilities can attack, block attacks, or perform other tasks on the field such as removing certain cards or drawing cards from your deck. They can also take redirect damage from your Main Personality to them. Blue has the most support for Allies at the game’s current state. The other styles have a few cards to help get Allies on the field. Blue is currently the best style for Ally decks.

The Ginyu Force!

Captain Ginyu is the first character with skills that focus on allies. He is currently the king of all Ally decks. Frieza’s Special Forces work in perfect harmony to dominate their opponents. Guldo blocks attacks and is a great Ally to play during your first turn. Burter increases your attack’s damage. Jiece attacks with an energy attack that deals five life cards of damage. Recoome punches your opponent.

Ginyu’s skills give allies access to their abilities in combat regardless of his power stage. Captain Ginyu is able to get two Allies on the field during the first turn. Blue Tag Team Mastery gives Ginyu quick access to his strongest ally during your opponent’s first turn and his Main Personality’s power places an Ally on the field at four stages above zero. The goal is to reach level four for Ginyu’s allies to be able to make actions in combat regardless of Ginyu’s power stage. Ginyu has a mediocre power level at level four, but your Allies will do all the work. They will hit hard and hit often in combat.

Non-Ginyu Force members are very good in Captain Ginyu’s decks as well. Frieza Mastermind is an amazing card to play alongside Captain Ginyu. Banishing Life Card damage can be an advantage. Blue Tag Team mastery will rejuvenate an Ally from your Banished Zone to your deck. Captain Ginyu’s skill will place your Ally in play. Zarbon quickly raises your anger to advance Ginyu to his next level.

Tag Team Goku

Heroes have Goku for their ally based main personality in Dragon Ball Z Evolution. He has a wide-range of Allies to play in his deck. His powers revolve around searching and playing Allies. His best Main Personality to play in an Ally deck is his level three card from Dragon Ball Z Evolution’s starter deck. Goku Calm nicely plays with Blue Tag Mastery’s ability to rejuvenate. Goku can searched for the Ally that was rejuvenated on the previous turn.

Goku’s exclusive Allies such as Chi Chi and Vegeta make Goku a fordable opponent. His deck has a strong defense and offensive from his Allies’ powers. Having these two qualities help Goku last long in games to him a chance at winning the game. Bulma is the MVP of the deck. She prevents opponents from playing Time is a Warrior’s tool. Krillin is also a great Ally to put in your deck if you are not playing drills. The combination of Bulma, Chi Chi, Krillin and Vegeta counters your opponent’s strategy.

Tenshinhan adds draw power to the deck. His attack is unstoppable with Goku Calm’s skill. You are guaranteed to draw an extra card in combat. The extra card can give you an additional attack or block in combat. Yamcha is just as good or even better than Tenshinhan with Goku Calm. His attack will do seven Life Cards of damage and send a card back to your opponent’s deck.

Everyone else

Ally decks with the remaining Main Personalities got a much needed boost with Blue Tag Team Mastery. Their decks lacked any protection from opposing players’ critical effects. The Blue Tag Team gives protection to allies to prevent them from being discarded from critical damage effects. However, these decks are not nearly as good as Captain Ginyu and Goku. Allies cannot make actions in combat at time during combat. You must wait until your Main Personality’s power stage is low enough for your Allies to take control of combat.

The Final Word

Blue Tag Team Mastery has the potential to one of the most played Mastery cards throughout DBZ CCG’s lifespan. Captain Ginyu and Goku are the best Main Personalities for Blue Tag Team Mastery. Their skills give multiple advantages for having Allies on the field. Hopefully Panini America will continue to develop new Main Personalities with skills for Allies. I want to build a Blue Goku deck just for fun because I want deck to be based on the Z Fighters.

Card Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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