DBZ Card Review: Majin Vegeta LV 1

Power: Energy Attack doing 5 life cards of damage. If successful, search your discard pile for a card with Majin in the title and place it on top of your life deck.

Majin Vegeta LV 1 is part of the last set of villain personality for Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Collectible Card Game by Score. This unique main personality has the luxury of multiple names and archetypes. Majin Vegeta LV 1 has access to cards for Vegeta, Majin, Saiyan, and villains.

Power: Energy Attack

Majin Vegeta LV 1 performs an energy attack, and this attack deals five life cards of damage. It is a useful power in combat. You inflict a god amount of damage against the opponent.

Furthermore, this power helps you in combat if you do not have any offensive cards in your hand. Majin Vegeta (Level 1) will always have this power except against personalities like Piccolo The Trained. You always have the potential to deal a decent amount of damage.

  • Power: Part 2

In addition, the second part of this power places a card with Majin in its name from your discard pile to the top of the deck. Your energy attack must be successful for this bonus. You have many options of cards to place on the top of the deck. You may place a card with endurance for defense or a card with the intention to draw it.

Furthermore, Majin Vegeta has cards with Majin and Vegeta in their name. This power may place cards such as Majin Vegeta’s Rage on top of your deck. A wise strategy would be playing a card with the ability to draw a card during combat. You would be able to draw the card on top of your deck.

Power Stages:

Majin Vegeta (Level 1) has a maximum power stage of 2,000,000. His rank on the power scale is D. He has a good power stage for a level 1 personality.

However, many personalities above level outrank Majin Vegeta (Level 1) on the power scale. Majin Buu, Super Buu (Level 2) has a rank of G. A physical attack from Majin Buu, Super Buu delivers four power stages of damage to Majin Vegeta before additional damage from a combat card’s effect.


Majin Vegeta has support from Saiyan style and Majin. You can build a unique deck with both types of cards in your deck. You may also use other styles with Majin for Majin Vegeta. This villain personality becomes an offensive force with the right combination of cards.


Majin Vegeta has a lot of synergy with Freestyle Mastery. This Mastery forces the opponent to discard a non-Dragon Ball card from his or her deck when you banish a named card from your discard pile with the Mastery’s power. This personality has many freestyle cards due to his amount of Named cards. You can consistently activate the power of Freestyle Mastery and force the opponent to discard a card from his or her deck.

In addition,  Majin Vegeta (Level 1) may use cards with Vegeta in their names. You have the majority of Vegeta’s support in your arsenal. “Only Vegeta” cards are the exception and Majin Vegeta cannot play “Only Vegeta” cards.

Play these cards with Majin Vegeta LV 1!
  • Freestyle Mastery
  • Last Ditch Effort
  • Vegeta’s Quickness Drill

The aggressive strategy of Saiyan fits Majin Vegeta. His high power level and offensive power fit the style. Majin Vegeta hits hard with physical attacks.

Saiyan Style Mastery is one of the best Masteries in Dragon Ball Z: Collectible Card Game. It complements the style of Majin Vegeta. Saiyan Style Mastery allows you to draw a card at the start of combat. You have an additional card for offense or defense. An Attack card would be perfect addition to your hand in combat.

Play these cards with Majin Vegeta LV 1!
  • Saiyan Style Mastery
  • Saiyan Stop

Majin Vegeta is also part of the archetype of Majin. The card’s name is a clear indication of this fact. Majin has good cards for Majin Vegeta in combat.

Majin Lightning Hit is an effective energy attack for Majin Vegeta. It allows you to have two consecutive attacks in combat, and it removes three of the opponent’s non-combat cards from play. An opponent cannot respond with his or her attack. Majin Vegeta unleashes an onslaught of successful attacks with Majin Lightning Hit.

Play these cards with Majin Vegeta LV 1!
  • Majin Lightning Hit
  • Majin Thrust
  • Majin Vegeta’s Rage

Card Rating:

Overall, Majin Vegeta LV 1 is a solid main personality. He has a respectable power stage for a level one personality. His offensive power unleashes a decent attack against the opponent. You have a large library of cards for a respectable deck. Majin Vegeta Level 1 with his high power stages and power is a good level 1 personality for a deck of Majin Vegeta.

Card Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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