Unit of The Week: Youthberk “Protofall Arms”

Descend, revolt, and split the skies; even if that is a path of carnage.

[CONT]:When this card would be rode upon, it is also regarded as “Youthberk “Skyfall Arms””.
[RevolDress]-[AUTO](VC):At the end of the battle this unit attacked, choose up to one card with “RevolForm” in its card name from your hand, ride it as [Stand], and it gets drive -2 until end of turn.
[CONT](RC):If your grade 3 or greater vanguard was placed this turn, this unit gets [Power]+5000.

Youthberk “Protofall Arms” is one of the best cards from a trial deck. Youthberk “Protofall Arms” is the first card with the ability of RevolDress. This warrior from the Keter Sanctuary has many many forms. This card is his original form and he uses the power of RevolDress to transform into his stronger forms.

D-Standard Format:

Youthberk “Protofall Arms” has the strategy of multiple attacks from your vanguard in a single turn. He desires to overwhelm the opponent with the vanguard circle as the deck’s main form of offense. This card achieves this tactic with the ability of RevolDress.

First Ability:

The first ability creates a unique Persona Ride. Youthberk “Protofall Arms” is also considered to be Youthberk “Skyfall Arms” when a unit rides on top of him. Therefore, the ability activates a Persona Ride when you ride Youthberk “Skyfall Arms” on top of Youthberk “Protofall Arms”.

Furthermore, this powerful combo provides a huge advantage on offense and an advantage for your resources. The entire front row gains 10,000 and you draw a card. The additional power to your units in the front such as Youthberk “Skyfall Arms” creates a good offense and a strong push for victory.

Second Ability: RevolDress

Youthberk “Protofall Arms” has the unique ability of RevolDress to superior ride a unit with RevolForm in its name from your hand. It is a powerful effect in battle. You have two attacks from a vanguard and each RevolForm has unique abilities with a strong offense.

Two battles from your vanguards in a single turn put a lot of pressure on the opponent. Youthberk “Protofall Arms” aggressively battles opponents for these strong attacks. Your units with RevolForm have abilities to increase their power. They have a greater chance to break an opponent’s defense without a Sentinel.

Youthberk “RevolForm: Gust” is a great option to superior ride. He gains a drive check and he will have a single check. Youthberk “RevolForm: Gust” may check a trigger and he will at least put a card in your hand.

Third Ability: Rear-Guard

Youthberk “RevolForm: Gust” is an optional rear-guard. He gains 5,000 power if your grade 3 vanguard was place during the turn. The additional power raises his total power to 18,000. He is a good option if you need a rear-guard for offense.

Therefore, Youthberk “RevolForm: Gust” provides a decent offense. He may hit the opponent’s vanguard without a boost. A boost from a rear-guard will raise his power above 20,000, and Youthberk “RevolForm: Gust” may pressure the opponent in battle.


Youthberk “Protofall Arms” has a strong cast of support. The units in the archetype add consistency. Youthberk “RevolForm: Gust” and Youthberk “RevolForm: Zest” are two options for the ability of RevolDress. Knight of Ardent Light, Youth is a rear-guard with a respectable offense for the archetype.

Determined to Break Away, Youth is an essential card for Youthberk “Protofall Arms”. He provides consistency for RevolDress. Determined to Break Away, Youth adds a card with Youthberk in its name from the top three cards of your deck to your hand. You have options with this ability. For instance, You may add Youthberk “Protofall Arms” to your hand for an upcoming Persona Ride or you may add Youthberk “RevolForm: Gust” to your hand for the RevolDress.

Play these cards with Youthberk “Protofall Arms” in the D-Standard Format!
  • Determined to Break Away, Youth
  • Knight of Ardent Light, Youth
  • Youthberk “RevolForm: Gust”
  • Youthberk “RevolForm: Zest”

Premium Format:

Like many cards from the D-Standard Format, Youthberk “Protofall Arms” is not a good fit in the Premium Format. His abilities lack a strong impact. G-Units and units with Imaginary Gifts provide more value in the Premium Format. They have a consistent impact in a game.

You may play Youthberk “Protofall Arms” with the clans from the United Sanctuary. He needs support from generic cards. For instance, Blaster Blade is a reliable unit in Royal Paladins with Youthberk “Protofall Arms”. Blaster Blade provides some control of the field when his ability retires an opponent’s rear-guard.

In addition, generic G-Units are the best units in the G-Zone for Youthberk “Protofall Arms” in the Premium Format. Zeroth Dragon of Zenith Peak, Ultima is a powerful G-Unit for the United Sanctuary. Zeroth Dragon of Zenith Peak, Ultima has potential to make a huge impact in any match if you play him properly. This G-Unit may also superior call Youthberk “Protofall Arms from the deck to a rear-guard circle.

Play these cards with ” in the Premium Format!

Card Rating:

Overall, Youthberk “Protofall Arms” is a powerful card from a trial deck. He has three amazing abilities. He also has a good cast of support with consistency. I recommend playing Youthberk “Protofall Arms” in the D-Standard Format.

D-Standard Format: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Premium Format: 2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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