Clan Selection Plus Vol.1

Clan Selection Plus Vol (7)

Clan Selection Plus Vol.1 is the seventh special series in the English Format. Clan Selection Plus Vol.1 features new cards and reprints for twelve clans! Many classic units from past eras of Cardfight!! Vanguard get new art and abilities for the V-standard format! All cards are legal in the V-standard format and premium format!

  • 84 Cards
  • The booster set contains 36 new cards and 48 reprints.
  • Each booster box contains 12 packs, and in which there is a guaranteed card from each clan.
  • Angel Feather
  • Dark Irregulars
  • Gear Chronicle
  • Gold Paladin
  • Granblue
  • Link Joker
  • Megacolony
  • Murakumo
  • Narukami
  • Neo Nectar
  • Shadow Paladin
  • Tachikaze
Angel Feather

Sephilath-aider, Shin Malkuth-melekh is Angel Feather’s newest unit from Clan Selection Plus Vol.1. This card expands the clan’s strategy with Protect II markers. Sephilath-aider, Shin Malkuth-melekh adds 10,000 power to all units in the front row if you have two or more Protect II markers on field. This ability complements Sephilath-aider, Shin Malkuth-melekh’s ability to superior ride during the battle phase.

Holy Road Angel is a fantastic card with an amazing ability. Holy Road Angel searches for a Malkuth-melekh from the top seven cards of the deck, and places a normal unit from your hand on top of the deck. This ability adds consistency to the deck. You can draw a Malkuth-melekh and place Sephilath-aider, Shin Malkuth-melekh on top of the deck to set up his superior ride!

Dark Irregulars

Gyze’s Apostles used the Zeroth Dragons to cause destruction. The legacy of the Zeroth Dragons live in the V-standard format. Some of Gyze’s Apostles have their abilities. Evil God Bishop, Gastille is one of the strongest Dark Irregulars. Evil God Bishop, Gastille has the abilities of . This card’s final ability can deal the sixth damage and win games.

Emblem Master is one of my favorite Dark Irregulars. This card is the perfect reprint in Clan Selection Plus Vol.1. Emblem Master can soul charge three cards with his second skill. He also provides a strong defense and offense. Emblem Master gains 5,000 power and 5,000 shield when your soul has seven or more cards!

Gear Chronicle

Time Leap is Gear Chronicle’s signature ability from Cardfight!! Vanguard G. The clan bring the ability to the V-standard format. Interdimensional Dragon, Time Leaper Dragon sends a rear-guard to the bottom of the deck and superior calls a unit with one grade above the rear-guard that was sent to the deck. Interdimensional Dragon, Time Leaper Dragon enables additional attacks with this ability.

Chronotooth Tigar is a fantastic rear-guard for players with Gear Chronicle decks. You gain a lot of advantage from this card. Chronotooth Tigar draws a card at the beginning of your ride phase. You have faster access to your cards in the early game.

Gold Paladin

Spectral Duke Dragon was one of the most popular cards from the era of Limit Break. Bushiroad redesigned the card with similar abilities to the original card. Spectral Duke Dragon can stand after battle for an additional attack. This card also gains triple drive if you have four or more cards in the damage zero. This ability resembles Limit Break because you must have four or more damage to gain triple drive.

Listener of Truth, Dindrane is an amazing reprint for Gold Paladin. She allows the player to draw a card or counter charge. Listener of Truth, Dindrane perfectly complements Gold Paladin’s strategy. The best benefit from the ability is the draw. You maintain the number of cards in your hand for defense or offense.


Clan Selection Plus Vol.1 features new support for Ghosties from Granblue. Ghostie Leader, Beatrice superior calls Ghosties to the field. You may retire a rear-guard for a card’s ability, but the undead of Granblue never stay down. Ghostie Leader, Beatrice superior calls a Ghostie from the drop zone after an ability retires one during your turn!

Jessie the Ghostie is a unique card. He superior calls himself from the drop zone. The card’s best value is his second ability. Jessie the Ghostie gains 5,000 power for offense and counter charges a card. He provides fuel for Ghostie Leader, Beatrice’s third ability.

Link Joker

The Star-vaders make their debut in the V-standard format! Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon is one of the most popular cards in the set. He locks the opponent’s rear-guards. His third ability destroys the opponent’s markers and creates Force makers for his player. Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon is the great equalizer in the standard format for countering markers.

Blast Monk of the Thundering Foot is one of the best reprints in Clan Selection Plus Vol.1. This units binds one of the opponent’s rear-guards and soul charges a card. Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon needs cards in the soul for its second ability. Blaster Monk of the Thundering Foot provides the fuel in the soul for Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon.


Clan Selection Plus Vol.1 introduces a new strategy for Megacolony. The clan of insects steal the effects of the opponent’s triggers and apply them to the vanguard. Worm Toxin Mutant, Venom Stinger gains an advantage from the opponent’s triggers. This vanguard gains those effects and the opponent loses those effects.

Furthermore, Pincer Attack Mutant, Intrude Scissors is the perfect backup vanguard in the deck. Its main purpose is the fuel for your strategy. Pincer Attack Mutant, Intrude Scissors superior calls itself from the drop zone and he also stands a rear-guard. You steal the opponent’s effects from their triggers, and you can stand a rear-guard for an additional attack.


Murakumo has unique cards for an interesting deck. The strategy weakens the opponent’s defense by reducing the power of the opponent’s vanguard. Six Flowers of Phantasms, Shirayuki shatters an opponent’s defense when you ride her. Six Flowers of Phantasms, Shirayuki decreases an opposing vanguard by 30,000 power.

A fantastic reprint for this deck is Stealth Fiend, Jakotsu Girl. This card adds consistency to the deck. Stealth Fiend, Jakotsu Girl adds Fantasy Petal Storm, Shirayuki to your hand and sends another copy to the drop zone. Her ability enables Six Flowers of Phantasms, Shirayuki’s powerful abilities.


Narukami has classic units from the era of Limit Break debut in the V-standard format. Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion “THE BLOOD” is a very aggressive card. It gains 15,000 power, a critical, and additional drive check. It also attacks all units in the opponent’s front row. You basically retire all of the opponent’s rear-guards in the front row if he or she does not guard.

A nice reprint from Narukami is Rising Phoenix. This bird has a nice ability. It superior calls itself from the drop zone after you bind an opponent’s rear-guard. This ability does not have a cost. You gain a rear-guard for free!

Neo Nectar

Plant tokens are the keys to Neo Nectar in the standard format. We have the return of the Maiden of archetype. The archetype’s signature card in this set is Maiden of Stand Peony. She creates plant tokens and superior call plant tokens during the battle phase. You can unleash five attacks in a single turn with her ability.

Maiden of Nepenthes is a useful card for Maiden of. She uses plant tokens to draw cards. Maiden of Nepenthes can also boost units and give a critical to your vanguard.

Shadow Paladin

Clan Selection Plus Vol.1 reintroduces Mesmerizing Witch, Fianna to Cardfight!! Vanguard. She was a popular unit during the era of Legion. Mesmerizing Witch, Fianna is not the main card in her deck. She is simply one of two vanguards. Mesmerizing Witch, Fianna superior calls Witch of Reality, Femme from the deck, and Witch of Reality, Femme becomes a vanguard.

Witch of Reality, Femme is the true star of the deck with Mesmerizing Witch, Fianna. She removes the opponent’s offense from the field. Witch of Reality, Femme replaces two of the opponent’s rear-guards with two grade zero units from the drop zone. This strategy weakens the opponent’s offense. Grade zero units have low power, and they lack abilities.


Players of Tachikaze will be happy with the new cards from Clan Selection Plus Vol.1. Light Battle Dragon, Gigannoblazer is an amazing card. You draw cards to replace cards that you called to the field. In addition, Light Battle Dragon, Gigannoblazer adds 5,000 power to your units in the front row!

Furthermore, Tachikaze needs equip gauge for its strategy. Ravenous Dragon, Megarex can create an equip gauge on every turn. This unit is a strong rear-guard with offensive firepower. Ravenous Dragon, Megarex gains 5,000 power for each gauge attached to it.

Card List:
Card No.NameGradeClanTypeRarity
V-SS09/001Sephilath-aider, Shin Malkuth-melekh3Angel FeatherProtectRRR
V-SS09/002Holy Road Angel2Angel FeatherRRR
V-SS09/003Persistence Angel1Angel FeatherRRR
V-SS09/004Aid-roid, Zayin2Angel FeatherRRR
V-SS09/005Bellyful Meds Angel1Angel FeatherRRR
V-SS09/006Healthful Intendant1Angel FeatherRRR
V-SS09/007Battle Cupid, Nociel0Angel FeatherDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/008Mesmerizing Witch, Fianna3Shadow PaladinForceRRR
V-SS09/009Witch of Reality, Femme2Shadow PaladinRRR
V-SS09/010Cold-blooded Witch, Luba1Shadow PaladinRRR
V-SS09/011Black Sage, Charon1Shadow PaladinRRR
V-SS09/012Dead Armor Dragon1Shadow PaladinRRR
V-SS09/013Skull Witch, Nemain1Shadow PaladinRRR
V-SS09/014Dark Shield, Mac Lir0Shadow PaladinDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/015Spectral Duke Dragon3Gold PaladinAccelRRR+SP
V-SS09/016Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer2Gold PaladinRRR
V-SS09/017Scout of Darkness, Vortimer 1Gold PaladinRRR
V-SS09/018Advance of the Black Chains, Kahedin2Gold PaladinRRR
V-SS09/019Stronghold of the Black Chains, Hoel1Gold PaladinRRR
V-SS09/020Listener of Truth, Dindrane1Gold PaladinRRR
V-SS09/021Halo Shield, Mark0Gold PaladinDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/022Light Battle Dragon, Gigannoblazer3TachikazeAccelRRR
V-SS09/023Extortion Dragon, Spinoextort2TachikazeRRR
V-SS09/024Savage Shooter1TachikazeRRR
V-SS09/025Ravenous Dragon, Megarex 2TachikazeRRR
V-SS09/026Clearout Dragon, Sweeperacrocanto2TachikazeRRR
V-SS09/027Savage Trooper1TachikazeRRR
V-SS09/028Archbird0TachikazeDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/029Six Flowers of Phantasms, Shirayuki3MurakumoAccelRRR
V-SS09/030Ice Fang Princess, Tsurarahime2Murakumo RRR
V-SS09/031Apprentice Youkai, Sasameyuki1MurakumoRRR
V-SS09/032Abrupt Stealth Rogue, Ariou 2MurakumoRRR
V-SS09/033Stealth Fiend, Jakotsu Girl2MurakumoRRR
V-SS09/034Stealth Fiend, Rainy Madame1MurakumoRRR
V-SS09/035Stealth Beast, Leaves Mirage0MurakumoDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/036Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion "THE BLOOD"3NarukamiAccelRRR
V-SS09/037Spark Arrow Dragon2NarukamiRRR
V-SS09/038Thunder Varret Dragon1NarukamiRRR
V-SS09/039Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion3NarukamiRRR
V-SS09/040Bolt Pike Dragon2NarukamiRRR
V-SS09/041Rising Phoenix1NarukamiRRR
V-SS09/042Wyvern Guard, Guld0NarukamiDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/043Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon3Link JokerRRR
V-SS09/044Bisection Star-vader, Zirconium2Link JokerRRR
V-SS09/045Star-vader, Craving Claw1Link JokerRRR
V-SS09/046Blast Monk of the Thundering Foot2Link JokerRRR
V-SS09/047Last Crust, Meranel2Link JokerRRR
V-SS09/048Crunching Deletor, Baruol1Link JokerRRR
V-SS09/049Flowers in Vacuum, Cosmo Wreath0Link JokerDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/050Evil God Bishop, Gastille3Dark IrregularsRRR
V-SS09/051Poisonic Abductor2Dark IrregularsRRR
V-SS09/052Ironheart Assassin1Dark IrregularsRRR
V-SS09/053Emblem Master2Dark IrregularsRRR
V-SS09/054Phantasma Executor2Dark IrregularsRRR
V-SS09/055Variants Killertail1Dark IrregularsRRR
V-SS09/056March Rabbit of Nightmareland0Dark IrregularsDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/057Interdimensional Dragon, Time Leaper Dragon4Gear ChronicleRRR+SP
V-SS09/058Steam Gunner, Zayd2Gear ChronicleRRR
V-SS09/059Lost Gear Dog, Eight1Gear ChronicleRRR
V-SS09/060Steam Scara, Irkab2Gear ChronicleRRR
V-SS09/061Chronotooth Tigar1Gear ChronicleRRR
V-SS09/062Steam Maiden, Ribbul1Gear ChronicleRRR
V-SS09/063Steam Guard, Kastilia0Gear ChronicleDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/064Ghostie Leader, Beatrice3GranblueProtectRRR
V-SS09/065Jessie the Ghostie2GranblueRRR
V-SS09/066Damian the Ghostie1GranblueRRR
V-SS09/067Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon3GranblueRRR
V-SS09/068Greed Shade2GranblueRRR
V-SS09/069Ripple Banshee1GranblueRRR
V-SS09/070Gust Djinn0GranblueDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/071Worm Toxin Mutant, Venom Stinger3MegacolonyProtectRRR+SP
V-SS09/072Pincer Attack Mutant, Intrude Scissors3MegacolonyProtectRRR
V-SS09/073Mutant Gentleman, High Class Moth1MegacolonyRRR
V-SS09/074Machining Mantis2MegacolonyRRR
V-SS09/075Small Captain, Butterfly Officer1MegacolonyRRR
V-SS09/076Stealth Millipede1MegacolonyRRR
V-SS09/077Paralyze Madonna0MegacolonyDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/078Maiden of Stand Peony3Neo NectarForceRRR
V-SS09/079Maiden of Fall Vine2Neo NectarRRR
V-SS09/080Maiden of Flower Carpet1Neo NectarRRR
V-SS09/081Autumn's Turning Maiden, Rosie2Neo NectarRRR
V-SS09/082Maiden of Nepenthes2Neo NectarRRR
V-SS09/083Fruits Basket Elf1Neo NectarRRR
V-SS09/084Maiden of Blossom Rain0Neo NectarDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS09/ASR01Chronojet Dragon3Gear ChronicleForceASR

Clan Selection Plus Vol.1 is a fantastic booster set. It has upgrades for classic decks from the V-standard format. The new cards such as Star-vader Chaos Breaker Dragon create new decks for the format. You can also play these cards in the premium format!

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