Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Witchcrafter Madame Verre


ATK/1,000 DEF/2,8000

During damage calculation, if your Spellcaster monster battles an opponent’s monster (Quick Effect): You can reveal any number of Spells with different names in your hand, and if you do, your battling monster gains 1000 ATK/DEF for each card revealed, until the end of this turn. (Quick Effect): You can discard 1 Spell; negate the effects of all face-up monsters your opponent currently controls, until the end of this turn. You can only use each effect of “Witchcrafter Madame Verre” once per turn.

Witchcrafter Madame Verre is the boss of the Witchcrafters. She wields a wand with powerful magic. Witchcrafter Madame Verre has two useful effects. She gives an offensive advantage to spellcasters. She also negates the effects of the opponent’s monsters.

First Effect:

Witchcrafter Madame Verre reveals any number of Spells with different names from your hand, and adds 1000 ATK and DEF to your spellcaster monster in battle! This effect compensates her for her low ATK of 1,000. She does not appear to be a strong monster from her stats, but she can quickly raise her ATK to high numbers.

Furthermore, this effect has a lot of potential. You can create a very strong offensive strategy. For example, a spellcaster gains 4,000 ATK if you reveal four Spells.

However, this effect has the flaw of revealing cards from the hand. Your opponent gains knowledge of the Spells in your hand. He or she can prepare to counter those cards.

Second Effect:

You may discard a Spell card, and Witchcrafter Madame Verre negates the effects of all of the opponent’s monsters until the end of the turn. This effect is an effective ability against many monsters. The opponent loses his or her advantage. You can activate this effect during either player’s turn.

Furthermore, this effect does not target monsters. You can neutralize the effects of many monsters. Witchcrafter Madame Verre can negate effects of a monster such as Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon.

Special Summon Witchcrafter Madame Verre!

Witchcrafter Madame Verre is an easy monster to special summon. Her archetype has many monsters with this ability. You can quickly play this powerful spellcaster. Witchcrafter Potterie special summons Witchcrafter Madame Verre from the deck!


Witchcrafter Madame Verre and Spellbooks are an awesome combination. They complement each other in a deck. Witchcrafter Madame Verre needs many Spells for both of her effects. Spellbooks draw cards, and you can draw two cards per turn with The Grand Spellbook Tower. You will have the fuel of Spells for Witchcrafter Madame Verre.

Play these cards with Witchcrafter Madame Verre!
  • The Grand Spellbook Tower
  • Witchcrafter Potterie
Card Rating:

Overall, Witchcrafter Madame Verre is a powerful spellcaster with an amazing offense. Her first effect compensates her for her low ATK. She can become a powerful monster. She neutralizes the opponent’s monsters by negating their effects! I recommend playing three copies of Witchcrafter Madame Verre in your Witchcrafter deck.

Card Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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