Card Fights!

2015 marked a new era on my YouTube channel, Awesome Card Games. I am recording card fight games! You get to witness me, the best in the business in action. Three years ago I tried getting a former friend and classmate to duel me on camera when I was living on campus during my college years. He was uncomfortable with the idea. I guess he was afraid to lose to my Spellbook deck. That does not matter because I have one friend at my locals, who is cool with our matches being recorded for your entertainment. His main clans are Genesis and Kagero.

King Alfred Legion Vs. Regalia Game 1

King Alfred Legion Vs. Regalia was my first ever recorded match, and my first time playing King Alfred with Legion! It does not have Stride in it as I was focusing on Legion. The deck is very fun to play. It was my first deck and continues to be my main deck.

United Sanctuary Vs Dragon Empire Game 2

Game one was very bad as I did not draw Ezzell to set up Legion. Let’s skip it and move on to game two. I stepped up my game in game two. My friend was playing his Dragonic Overlord deck.

Thavas Vs Angelica

I tested the waters with Blue Cavalry of The Divine Marine Spirits. This was my first experience playing an Aqua Force deck. Combo orientated decks are my favorite decks to play. I am currently putting my own twist in a fun Aqua Force deck. I cannot wait to test it out!

Future Card Fights!

More card fights will be shot and uploaded on my YouTube channel. I am trying to shoot a variety of games to show off as many clans and decks as possible. I wanted to shoot a few games two weeks ago, but my buddy was not able to make it to the shop. We are the only card gamers, who play Cardfight!! Vanguard at the shop. Hopefully the game will eventually pick up in the area for I can play against more players, or watch and record other players.

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