Third Local Tournament Results

My friend hosted a third local tournament two weeks ago. The prize was an Absolute Judgment booster box. All participants received a playmat. I picked the Blaster Dark and Phantom Blaster playmat. I once against trusted my Gold Paladins. Their defense is so good. I could not past them for another deck. I consider playing King of Knights, Alfred, but the extra deck needs more adjustments before I play it in a tournament.

Six players joined the tournament. We paid a ten dollars entry fee. There was a good variety of decks. Each player played a different clan. Players played Angel Feathers, Bermuda Triangle Gold Paladins, Kagero, Link Joker, and Neo Nectar.

The tournament consisted of four rounds. Matches are the best out of three games. You will advance rounds if you can win two games in a match. The first round decided which players earned a bye. The losers from the first round were sent into an elimination round. Round two was the elimination round and winner advanced to the third round. Rounds three and four were lose or go home. The fourth round was for the championship.

Round One
Black Shiver, Gavrail vs Sunrise Ray Knight Gurguit

Round one was intense. The match lasted for over an hour in a half William is a very talented player. He has defeated me in every match. He won the first game. I was not checking triggers during my triple drive. He was unable to defend against Sunrise Ray Radiant Sword Gurguit’s powerful attack. I was not able to take advantage of my best card’s power. However, I was able to bounce back and win the next two games. My Gold Paladins would finally turn the corner. We overcame our greatest rival.

Round Two
Black Shiver, Gavrail VS Star-Vader Blaster Joker

Round two was an elimination round from the losers of round one. William and Gavrail prevailed in a clean sweep with two consecutive wins. His opponent made a huge mistake by giving up three units to perform Legion. Guarding earlier in the game would have put enough cards in the drop zone to perform Legion. Legion is still a powerful ability in today’s game because you can return triggers to the deck and perform triple drive on your next turn with a G-Unit. Blaster Joker provided a problem in the game, but Gavrail overcame the spell.

Round Three
Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha VS Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit

My second opponent was Matthew. He has been playing Cardfight!! Vanguard for four months. He plays a Neo Nectar deck. He put on a marvelous display with Bloom. Both games were very close, and I was able to win in a clean sweep. My Gold Paladin’s defense was the key element. I wished I was able to film game’s second match. I forgot to remove one of my games after transferring it to my computer. My camera did not have enough space to record the entire match.

Round Four
School Etoile, Olyvia VS Sunrise Ray Radiant Sword Gurguit

I reached the fourth round. This match was for the Absolute Judgment booster box. I kept my cool and treated this match like any other game. My opponent played a Bermuda Triangle deck with Harmony. This match was intense Both players knew a booster box was on the line. It was winner take all. Our match was decided in three games. He won the first match and I won the second match. The third game was the best game out of the three games. Unfortunately, I was not able to stride in my last two turns in the last game to push for the win. My opponent won the third and final game.

The Final Word

The latest tournament at locals was a great experience. I made a new friend and I enjoyed every minute of the action. I am proud to be the Runner Up. I earned third place in previous tournaments. Progress is the key to success. My Gold Paladin deck is just a few cards away from winning a championship. I cannot wait for the next tournament. My deck is going to be ready to win the grand prize.

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