Blaster Blade Liberator’s skill!

The long wait is over! A translation for Blaster Blade Liberator’s ability has been found.

[CB2] When this card enters the V or R circle and you have a “Liberator” Vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, retire one of your opponent’s rearguards in the front row.

I am very disappointed in his skill. Blaster Blade(Royal Paladin) has a much better ability. Blaster Blade as the Vanguard can retire any rear guard unit. As a rear guard, Blaster Blade can rear Grade 2 or greater rear guard units. However, Blaster Blade Liberator can only retire a front row unit. Blaster Blade Liberator’s skill is more limited. The overall skill isn’t bad. At the moment Blaster Blade appears to be the superior card.

More importantly there is no information about Blaster Blade Liberator being a duel clan unit. Rumors speculated that Blaster Blade Liberator would be a Gold Paladin and Royal Paladin unit. However, this may not be the case. His translation does not state that Blaster Blade Liberator is also a Royal Paladin unit. I think this is for the best. If he was also a Royal Paladin unit then a Royal Paladin deck could have 4 Blaster Blades and 4 Blaster Blade Liberators. That may be very broken in a Blaster deck.


  1. Blaster Blade can only retire a grade 1 when it is called as Vanguard. These cards are virtually identical. Blaster Gold can actually retire a grade 1 in the front row (if they have one there for whatever reason) so it's actually a little more versatile.

  2. What Tim is trying to say is that the only time when Blaster Blade can retire a grade 1 is on the vanguard circle. I'm inclined to go with him on this one – Liberator is slightly better.

  3. Luke, you have a very good point. Sorry for misunderstanding Tim. However, I prefer Blaster Blade because his skill can rear an unit from the back or front row.

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