A Preview of Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game!

The return of Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game is less than three weeks away! Dragon Ball Z fans are excited for their favorite trading card game to make a comeback. Players new and old are gearing up for the greatest comeback since Brett Favre’s comeback in 2009 with the Minnesota Vikings. Goku, Gohan Krillin, Piccolo, and Future Trunks are the first five heroes to return as main personalities. Captain Ginyu, Frieza, and Vegeta are the first three villains to return as main personalities.

Check out a few cards from the upcoming starter deck and booster set! I also threw in one of Goku’s promo from the San Diego Comic Con!

Level 1 Goku Protector of Earth (San Diego Comic-Con Promo)
POWER:Energy attack costing 2 stages. DAMAGE: 3 life cards. HIT: You may discard a card from your hand to search your Life Deck for a Styled Drill and place it into play.


Level 3 Gohan Determined 
POWER:Physical Attack. DAMAGED: 6 stages. You may lower your anger any amount. This attack deals +X life cards of damage. X=2 times the amount lowered


Level 2 Vegeta Villainous 
POWER: Physical attack. DAMAGE: 4 stages. HIT: Your attacks that raise your anger deal +1 stage and +1 life card of damage this combat


Level 4 Frieza Revived
POWER: Destroy the top 4 cards of your opponent’s Life Deck. Search your Life Deck for a Frieza Named card and place it in your hand. :You may also use Your Level 2 Powers

Level 1 Captain Ginyu Leader                                                         POWER: Energy attack costing 3 stages. DAMAGED: 4 life cards. Search your Life Deck for an Ally and place it into play at 4 power stages above 0. HIT: Choose one of your Allies in play, that Ally can make actions regardless of your MP’s power stage this combat.

Saiyan Empowered Mastery 
You cannot win by MPPV: Your Saiyan Style attacks again “Raise your anger 1 level. HIT: Gain 3 power stages.” Whenever you Rejuvenate a Saiyan Style card, raise your anger 1 level

Red Enraged Mastery 
Whenever you use a critical damage effect, raise your anger 1 level. Whenever you advance a personality level, draw a card and then discard a card from your hand. Whenever you lower a personality level, you may draw a card.

Blue Protective Mastery 
Your opponent needs 6 anger to advance a personality level. POWER: You may discard a Physical Combat card from your hand to stop an energy attack or an Energy Combat card to stop a physical attack. If you discarded a Blue card, you may rise or lower a player’s anger 1 level.

Blue Round Throw
(You may play this card to stop an energy attack instead of as an attack.) Physical attack. DAMAGE: AT +5 stages. Lower Your opponent’s anger 1 level.

Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game will be available at your local hobby stores, Dollar Stores, and Targets! Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game will be released on October 17th, 2014! Get ready to hit hard and hit often!

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