V Extra Booster 12: Team Dragon’s Vanity!

V Extra Booster 12 Team Dragon’s Vanity!

Team Dragon’s Vanity! is the twelfth extra booster set for Cardfight!! Vanguard V. It includes new cards for the premium and standard formats. The booster set includes cards for Aqua Force, Narukami, and Shadow Paladin. Classic cards from the original era of Cardfight!! Vanguard are returning with new artwork and skills for the standard format.

V Extra Booster 12: Team Dragon’s Vanity! is set to be released on March 6th, 2020 in the English edition.

  • 66 Cards (51 new cards & 15 Reissued Cards)
  • 7 Cards Per Pack
  • 12 Cards per Extra Booster Box
Card List
Card No.Card NameGradeClanTypeRarity
V-EB12/001Claret Sword Dragon3Shadow PaladinForceVR+SVR+SSR
V-EB12/002Dragonic Vanquisher3NarukamiAccelVR+SVR+SSR
V-EB12/003Last Card, Revonn3Aqua ForceAccelVR+SVR+SSR
V-EB12/004 Morion Spear Dragon2Shadow PaladinRRR+SP
V-EB12/005Cherishing Knight, Branwen1Shadow PaladinRRR+SP
V-EB12/006Voltage Horn Dragon2NarukamiRRR+SP
V-EB12/007Mighty Bolt Dragoon1NarukamiRRR+SP
V-EB12/008Blue Wave Marine General, Galleass2Aqua ForceRRR+SP
V-EB12/009Blue Wave Soldier Senior, Beragios1Aqua ForceRRR+SP
V-EB12/010Onyx Dust Dragon3Shadow PaladinForceRR
V-EB12/011Darkpride Dragon2Shadow PaladinRR
V-EB12/012Blue Espada Dragon1Shadow PaladinRR
V-EB12/013Jaggy Shot Dragoon3NarukamiAccelRR
V-EB12/014Demonic Dragon Berserker, Chatura2NarukamiRR
V-EB12/015Dragon Dancer, Anastasia1NarukamiRR
V-EB12/016Fort-vessel Dragon3Aqua ForceAccelRR
V-EB12/017Blue Wave Marine General, Foivos 2Aqua ForceRR
V-EB12/018Battle Siren, Nerissa1Aqua ForceRR
V-EB12/019Knight of Blind Advance, Lugaid3Shadow PaladinForceR
V-EB12/020Witch of Iron Chains, Ness2Shadow PaladinR
V-EB12/021Knight of Enthusiasm, Cailte2Shadow PaladinR
V-EB12/022Witch of Extirpation, Bheara1Shadow PaladinPerfect Guard R
V-EB12/023Arrow of Inflexibility, Muolda1Shadow PaladinR
V-EB12/024Blitz-caliber Dragon3NarukamiAccelR
V-EB12/025Tactical Dagger Dragoon2NarukamiR
V-EB12/026Spinous Blader Dragon2NarukamiR
V-EB12/027Desert Gunner, Bhajan1NarukamiR
V-EB12/028Dragon Dancer, Eluisa1NarukamiPerfect GuardR
V-EB12/029Sharpsplit Dragon3Aqua ForceAccelR
V-EB12/030Press-stream Dragon2Aqua ForceR
V-EB12/031Blue Wave Shield General, Yorgos1Aqua ForceR
V-EB12/032Blue Ward Command1Aqua ForcePerfect GuardR
V-EB12/033Analyze Shooter1Aqua ForceR
V-EB12/034Knight of Insight, Bathaden3Shadow PaladinC
V-EB12/035Knight of Sudden Rage, Macmorna2Shadow PaladinC
V-EB12/036Jammer Intruder2Shadow PaladinC
V-EB12/037Knight of Maneuvers, Abagurd1Shadow PaladinC
V-EB12/038Defitbau1Shadow PaladinC
V-EB12/039Knight of Resentment, Matholwch1Shadow PaladinC
V-EB12/040Promising Knight, David0Shadow PaladinC
V-EB12/041Grim Revenger0Shadow PaladinCriticalC
V-EB12/042Darkside Trumpeter0Shadow PaladinCriticalC
V-EB12/043Howl Owl0Shadow PaladinDrawC
V-EB12/044Abyss Healer0Shadow PaladinHealC
V-EB12/045Galvanic Mace Dragon3NarukamiC
V-EB12/046Desert Gunner, Tengen2NarukamiC
V-EB12/047Voltechshred Dragon2NarukamiC
V-EB12/048Dragon Dancer, Ramolna1NarukamiC
V-EB12/049Thunderlead Dragon1NarukamiC
V-EB12/050Storm Strike Discharge Wyvern1NarukamiC
V-EB12/051Harbinger Dracokid0NarukamiC
V-EB12/052Malevolent Djinn0NarukamiCriticalC
V-EB12/053Old Dragon Mage0NarukamiDrawC
V-EB12/054Dragon Dancer, Catharina0NarukamiFrontC
V-EB12/055Worm Toxin Eradicator, Seiobo0NarukamiHealC
V-EB12/056Battle Siren, Stefana3Aqua ForceC
V-EB12/057Tear Knight, Elmalia2Aqua ForceC
V-EB12/058Marine General of Head Seas, Thanasis2Aqua ForceC
V-EB12/059Talwar Assault2Aqua ForceC
V-EB12/060Storm Rider, Banos1Aqua ForceC
V-EB12/061Frontal Sailor1Aqua ForceC
V-EB12/062Blue Wave Recruit, Kosty0Aqua ForceC
V-EB12/063Supersonic Sailor0Aqua ForceCriticalC
V-EB12/064Pyroxene Communications Sea Otter Soldier0Aqua ForceDrawC
V-EB12/065Outride Dracokid0Aqua ForceFrontC
V-EB12/066Medical Officer of the Rainbow Elixir0Aqua ForceHealC
Aqua Force

V Extra Booster 12: Team Dragon’s Vanity! reintroduces Last Card, Revonn to Aqua Force. The original card is from the Limit Break era. The new Last Card, Revonn focuses on standing rear-guards for multiple battles and unleashing a powerful attack. He is the best grade 3 card for Aqua Force up to this set.His skills work well with many cards in the clan.

Furthermore, Maelstrom is getting very good support for both formats. Press-stream Dragon is one of the best cards for the archetype in this set. Press-stream Dragon’s skill adds 10,000 power and one drive check to Maelstrom. This skill adds a lot of power to the deck. Maelstrom now has triple drive and a higher probably of checking front triggers!


Dragonic Vanquisher is one of the returning units from Cardfight!! Vanguard G. He has been retrained with new artwork and skills to give you the edge in the standard format! His first skill increase the power of your front row units by 10,000! Dragonic Vanquisher’s second skill is able to bind up to three cards. However, one of those cards is yours.

Shadow Paladin

Finally, Claret Sword Dragon returns to Cardfight!! Vanguard. His strategy is sending many grade one units to the drop zone. This sets up his skill to stand during combat. You have two battles with Claret Sword Dragon as your vanguard. The deck also has new cards to support his strategy to send grade one units the drop zone.

Furthermore, Blaster Dark also has new support for his deck! The best card from this set for this deck is Onyx Dust Dragon. This mighty dragon searches your deck for Blaster Dark!. Onyx Dust Dragon has amazing synergy with Blaster Dark and Illusionary Revenger, Mordred Phantom! You can quickly generate Force makers to overwhelm your opponent with amazing power!

Let’s Go Team Dragon’s Vanity!

V Extra Booster 12: Team Dragon’s Vanity! offers new decks and upgrades for current decks in the standard format. It adds many amazing cards for Aqua Force. The clan may finally become very good in the near future. Shadow Paladins and Narukami have a few good cards to play as well. Their cards are not nearly as impressive as the new wave of Aqua Force.

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