Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Rage with Eyes of Blue

[Spell Card]

Banish this card, and as many cards as possible from your hand, field and GY face-down, and if you do, Special Summon up to 3 copies of “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” from your Deck. You cannot Normal or Special Summon monsters the turn you activate this card, except “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is one of the iconic cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! The card appeared in the anime’s first episode. Konami created Rage with Eyes of Blue to support Blue-Eyes White Dragon. This unique Spell card has the potential to win games with an OTK. Rage with Eyes of Blue unleashes the Blue-Eyes White Dragon in its glory.


Rage with Eyes of Blue special summons up to three Blue-Eyes White Dragons from the deck. You have three monsters with 3,000 ATK. They can deal major damage to an opponent. You have a strong field with three legendary monsters.

However, this effect has a great cost. Rage with Eyes of Blue is all for nothing with a very high cost. You must banish all cards from your hand, field, and graveyard to for the effect. You will be at a severe disadvantage if your attempt to win the game fails.

Furthermore, recovery of these resources is extremely difficult. You will need several turns to regain your hand’s size with many cards. You will most likely be in the losers’ corner due to the lack of resources.


Rage with Eyes of Blue offers the opportunity to win a game with an OTK under certain conditions. You must be in position to win the game with a swift tactic because the card has a high risk. Three Blue-Eyes White Dragons with direct attacks will win the duel in a dramatic fashion.

Furthermore, these three Blue-Eyes White Dragons are your only cards after playing Rage with Eyes of Blue. You must win the game at this point or you are very likely to lose the duel. All three Blue-Eyes White Dragons must have successful attacks.

The Comeback:

The full potential of Rage with Eyes of Blue needs all three copies of Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the graveyard. You may draw and play one of the three copies of Blue-Eyes White Dragon during a game. You want all three copies in the deck for this Spell card.

The solution for this problem is Genesis Dragon. Genesis Dragon sends dragons from the graveyard to the deck. Therefore, Rage with Eyes of Blue would unleash its full potential when you play it. You can special summon three copies of Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the deck. You can attempt a major comeback in a close game.

Play these cards with Rage with Eyes of Blue!
Card Rating:

Overall, Rage with Eyes of Blue is a high risk with a huge reward. Competitive decks are unlikely to play more than one copy of this card. The risk of losing your entire hand is a major price. Players cannot recover from the cost of the effect. I only recommend playing Rage with Eyes of Blue in a casual deck with the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Card Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

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