Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Mirror Force

[Trap Card]

When an opponent’s monster declares an attack: Destroy all your opponent’s Attack Position monsters.

Mirror Force was one of the most popular trap cards from the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh!. The card’s impressive effect justified its three copies in every deck. Mirror Force provided the near perfect defense against many cards. Mirror Force is one of Yugi’s best cards in this deck. Players loved this card for its effect and other players feared it because of its effect.

Anime History:

Many characters from the anime play Mirror Force in their decks. Yugi, Marik, Rebecca Hawkins, and Varis play Mirror Force. This card has appeared in many episodes from each series. Some players only set the card, but they do not activate it during their duels. For example, Crow sets Mirror Force in episode 85 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, but he does not activate the card.


Mirror Force destroys all of the opponent’s monsters in attack position when the opponent’s monster declares an attack. This effect swings the duel and momentum in your favor! The opponent can lose many monsters from this effect. An opponent may have invested resources for one or more monsters. Then, Mirror Force destroys all of those monsters in attack position.

However, this effect does not affect monsters in defense position. An opponent can avoid losing some monsters by Mirror Force if he or she places those monsters in defense position. This strategy minimizes the loses from Mirror Force’s effect.


Mirror Force is an effective card against swarm decks. Those decks want many monsters on the field. However, Mirror Force counters this strategy with its effect. Mirror Force can destroy all of those monsters if all of them are in attack position.


The glaring problem with Mirror Force is its speed. You must set the card during your turn. Then, you can activate it after your first turn with it set. This set up for the card is very bad for today’s Yu-Gi-Oh!.

First, many decks play cards with effects to destroy cards on the field. An opponent will most likely destroy Mirror Force with a card such as Mystical Space Typhoon or Elemental HERO Stratos. You will not get the opportunity to activate it because the opponent destroyed it during his or her Main Phase.

Second, many monsters cannot be destroyed by a card’s effect. Mirror Force would not be able to destroy those monsters. The Trap would not provide any value or an advantage for you.


Mirror Force has a unique fusion with The Fang of Critias. A trap and spell fuse into a powerful monster. The fusion of a spell and trap is a unique concept for Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Mirror Force Dragon is the product of Mirror Force and The Fang of Critias. This monster is one of the strongest Fusion Monsters in the game. Mirror Force Dragon has a strong effect than Mirror Force. This monster destroys all of the opponent’s cards when an opponent’s monster declare an attack or an opponent’s card effect targets your monster.

Play these cards with Mirror Force!
  • Mirror Force Dragon
  • The Fang of Critias
Card Rating:

Overall, Mirror Force has lost its the dominance in Yu-Gi-Oh!. One of the most powerful Traps from the early years is not a great card for today’s formats. The card’s slow speed and monsters with effects of immunity hinder Mirror Force. An opponent would most likely destroy it before you had a chance to activate it. I only recommend Mirror Force in causal decks.

Card Rating: [2]

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