Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Millennium Shield


ATK/0 DEF/3,000

A famous shield said to belong to an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. Legends tell of its power to block any strong attack.

Millennium Shield was a unique card from the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh!. This card is a defensive monster, and its name speaks for itself. Millennium does not have a single point of ATK and only has a high DEF. It relies on other cards for support due to it is a normal monster with unique stats.

Normal Monster:

Millennium Shield is a normal monster with zero ATK and 3,000 DEF. This card has a defensive strategy with its high defense. It stalls the opponent with the strategy to protect your life points from weaker monsters. An opponent needs a monster with more than 3,000 ATK to destroy Millennium Shield by battle.

However, Millennium Shield requires one monster for a tribute without any offensive abilities on its own. One tribute for a monster without an effect and ATK is not a wise use of your resources. You are not gaining any major advantage.

Furthermore, defensive monsters with only a high DEF do not provide any value. Opponents can easily remove the defensive advantage with monsters with the ability to destroy cards. Millennium Shield does not protect itself from effects. An opponent may play a monster with an effect that destroys monsters and this effect easily destroys Millennium Shield.


Millennium Shield relies on support from other cards because it does not have an effect. You need to create combos to effectively play the Millennium Shield. Warriors have generic cards with effects for strong combs.

Shield & Sword is the most obvious card for Millennium Shield. This spell card swaps the stats for ATK and DEF. Therefore, Shield & Sword changes Millennium Shield’s ATK to 3,000. It is a huge difference in offense. Millennium Shield becomes an offensive threat to opponents.

Weapon Change is a similar spell card. Weapon Change switches the ATK and DEF of a warrior or machine until the end of the opponent’s next turn for the cost of 700 life points. Millennium Shield may have 3,000 ATK for every turn if you are able to pay the cost.

Play these cards with Millennium Shield!
  • Shield & Sword
  • Weapon Change

Anime History:

Rebecca Hawkins in episode 41 plays Millennium Shield during her duel against Yugi Muto. She plays a defensive strategy with this card. Yugi is unable to deal damage to Rebecca Hawkins with this monster on the field. Yugi turns tables and takes control of Millennium Shield with Brain Control. Then, he tributes it for Catapult Turtle’s effect.

Card Rating:

Overall, Millennium Shield is one of the worst cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Its’ 3,000 DEF is a deceitful stat because it offers little value. Opponents can easily destroy it with a card’s effect. The combo with Shield & Sword is not going to win many games. I only recommend placing a foil version of this card in your binder.

Card Rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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