Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Elemental HERO Avian


ATK/1,000 DEF/1,000

A winged Elemental HERO who wheels through the sky and manipulates the wind. His signature move, Featherbreak, gives villainy a blow from sky-high.

Elemental HERO Avian is one of the original Elemental Heroes from Yu-Gi-Oh GX. This monster was a stable in the early days of the archetype. Many Fusion Monsters for Elemental HERO require Elemental HERO Avian for material.

However, the game has greatly changed since Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Normal monsters like Elemental HERO Avian do not have a lot of value in today’s format. Stronger heroes are commonly played cards in decks for Elemental HERO.


Jaden Yuki plays Elemental HERO Avian in his deck. This card is one of his signature monsters. Jaden often plays Elemental HERO Avian with Elemental HERO Burstinatrix because these monsters are material for Elemental HERO Flame Wingman.

Normal Monster:

Like all normal monsters, Elemental HERO Avian lacks an effect, and he needs powerful cards to assist him. You need to play cards such as Mask Change and Polymerization with Elemental HERO Avian. These cards add value to this card. The main values of this normal monster are his archetype, name, and attribute of wind.

Feather Wind is a useful trap to counter the opponent. You must control Elemental HERO Avian to activate its effect. Feather Wind negates the activation of an opponent’s trap or spell, and Feather Wind destroys it.

Play these cards with Elemental HERO Avian!

Special Summon:

The ability to special summon a monster helps normal monsters. They need the extra assistance. A few cards for Elemental Heroes can special summon Elemental HERO Avian.

O-Oversoul is a version of Monster Reborn for Elemental Heroes. It has limitations. O-Oversoul special summons one normal monster that is an Elemental HERO from your graveyard. Therefore, O-Oversoul can special summon Elemental HERO Avian from the graveyard. This spell is a useful card. You regain Elemental HERO Avian and you may use him for another Fusion Summon.

Cards for Special Summons:


Elemental HERO Avian is material for many fusions. You can play this monster in a variety of decks. He fits in decks with Elemental HERO, Evil HERO, and Masked HERO. You have a lot of options with this card.

Elemental HERO Avian and Elemental HERO Burstinatrix are a dynamic duo. They create many fusion monsters with polymerization. They can fusion summon Elemental HERO Flame Wingman and Evil HERO Inferno Wing.

Furthermore, Elemental HERO Avian has the attribute of wind, and this attribute adds additional options for fusions. Elemental HERO Great Tornado and Masked HERO Divine Wind require a monster with the attribute of wind. These fusion monsters are also easy monsters to summon.

The List of Fusion Monsters for Elemental HERO Avian:
Fusion Monsters
Elemental HERO Electrum
Elemental HERO Flame Wingman
Elemental HERO Great Tornado
Elemental HERO Mariner
Elemental HERO Phoenix Enforcer
Elemental HERO Tempest
Elemental HERO Wild Wingman
Evil HERO Inferno Wing
Evil HERO Wild Cyclone
Masked HERO Divine Wind

Card Rating:

Overall, Elemental HERO Avian’s limitations without any effects decrease his value. You can play this card in many decks for Heroes. However, HERO has better options with powerful effects. A competitive deck would not feature this monster. I only recommend Elemental HERO Avian in casual decks.

Card Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

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