Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: El Shaddoll Winda

Spellcaster / Fusion / Effect

ATK/2,200 DEF/800

1 “Shaddoll” monster + 1 DARK monster
Must first be Fusion Summoned. Cannot be destroyed by an opponent’s card effects. Each player can only Special Summon monster(s) once per turn while this card is face-up on the field. If this card is sent to the GY: You can target 1 “Shaddoll” Spell/Trap in your GY; add it to your hand.

El Shaddoll Winda is a Fusion Monster and a member of the Shaddolls. She rides a huge dragon and wields a magical wand. El Shaddoll Winda’s magic can turn the tide in any duel! She has two powerful effects to support her archetype’s strategy. El Shaddoll Winda ensures the opposition will not dominate the game with a wave of special summons. She sets the rules to lead her fellow Shaddolls to victory.

First Effect

El Shaddoll Winda is not an easy monster to destroy. She cannot be destroyed by your opponent’s card effects. Her first effect complements her second effect. El Shaddoll Winda needs this protection to control the flow of the game. She restricts players to one special summon per turn, and this is a huge advantage against many opponents.

However, El Shaddoll Winda is not an unstoppable Fusion Monster. An opponent can destroy her by battle. An opponent can also banish her from the field.

Second Effect

The greatness of El Shaddoll Winda shines from her second effect. She limits the number of special summons to one special summon for each player per turn. This effect slows the game for many decks. It prevents players from swarming the field with many monsters.

In addition, El Shaddoll Winda counters decks with Link Monsters, Sychoro Monsters, and XYZ Monsters. These decks rely on special summoning many monsters to use as material to special summon monsters from the Extra Deck. Opponents are forced to special summon one monster in a turn and may not be able to fulfill all of the requirements for their signature boss. Opponents would need at least two turns to special summon a monster, but you have time to counter an opponent’s strategy.

However, this effect does not slow decks with Fusion Monsters. A player can activate Polymerization to fuse monsters from his or her hand. Many Fusion Monsters do not need material on the field to special summon them unlike Link Monsters, Sychoro Monsters, and XYZ Monsters. An opponent’s new Fusion Monster can destroy El Shaddoll Winda by battle.

Fusion Summon: El Shaddoll Winda

Finally, El Shaddoll Winda requires one Shaddoll monster and one Dark monster to Fusion summon her. They requirements are easy to fulfill. Shaddoll has many Dark monsters to use as material.

El Shaddoll Fusion is a fantastic card to play with El Shaddoll Winda. You can activate El Shaddoll Fusion during either player’s turns, and special summon El Shaddoll Winda. Then, her second effect will turn the duel in your favor.

Play these cards to special summon El Shaddoll Winda
  • Curse of the Shadow Prison
  • El Shaddoll Fusion
  • Shaddoll Falco
Card Rating:

Overall, El Shaddoll Winda is one of the strongest Fusion monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! Her second effect counters many decks. El Shaddoll Winda has the potential to shut down opponents. They cannot quickly special summon their best monsters. El Shaddoll Winda takes control of a duel, and she governs the state of the game.

Card Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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