Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Cosmo Queen


ATK / 2,900 DEF / 2.450 

Cosmo Queen is the queen of spellcasters. Her stellar stats are impressive for a classic card from the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cosmo Queen is one of the strongest normal monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! Her ATK is greater than the ATK of cards such as Dark Magician and Giga the Fierce Knight. She is a powerhouse in battle.

Unique History in the TCG

Cosmo Queen was a difficult card to find in the TCG for many years. Cosmo  Queen was first released in a happy meal from McDonald’s in the TCG. This rarity of this card is an ultra rare card. Kids needed to be very lucky to pull her from a happy meal of all places. Thankfully, Konami released Cosmo Queen Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World Mega Pack in 2012.

Normal Monster with Strong Stats

Cosmo Queen is a normal monster without any special effects. She has the highest ATK of normal spellcasters. Cosmo Queen can easily destroy many monsters in battle! A direct attack from the queen of spellcasters will deplete more than a quarter of an opponent’s life points.

Generic Support

Cosmo Queen needs help to elevate her. Spellcasters have many generic cards for their type of monsters. Magician’s Left Hand and Magician’s Right Hand provide protection for Cosmo Queen. She naturally lacks protection, and these cards help you to keep her on the field. Magician’s Left Hand negates and destroys an opponent’s trap Card if you control a Spellcaster. Magician’s Right Hand negates and destroys an opponent’s Spell card if you control a Spellcaster.

Play these cards with Cosmo Queen!
  • Magician’s Right Hand
  • Magician’s Left Hand
  • Wonder Wand

Spellbooks support all spellcasters and this includes Cosmo Queen. This archetype of Spell cards provide much needed support and enhance her. For example, Spellbook of Wisdom protects Cosmo Queen from Spells and Traps. She dodges any traps due to Spellbook of Wisdom, and may proceed to deal damage in battle. This is just one group of cards to support Cosmo Queen.

Play these Spellbooks with Cosmo Queen!
  • Spellbook of Power
  • Spellbook of Wisdom
Special Summon Cosmo Queen

Cosmo Queen is a level eight monster, and she requires two tributes to normal summon her. That is a hefty cost for a Normal Monster by today’s standards. The best strategy is to special summon her to decrease the cost of her summoning. One of the best cards to special summon Cosmo Queen is Ancient Rules. Ancient Rules special summons one level five or higher Normal Monster from your hand.

Magical Exemplar is another card with the effect to special summon Cosmo Queen. You need to play four Spell cards to create Spell Counters. Magical Exemplar needs eight Spell Counters for this strategy. Magical Exemplar special summons Cosmo Queen from your hand or graveyard.

Play these cards to special summon Cosmo Queen!
  • Ancient Rules
  • Magical Dimension
  • Magical Exemplar

Unfortunately, Cosmo Queen is not an effective card without any support. She is a normal monster without an effect, and normal monsters are not ideal cards for many decks. You do not gain any advantages from her. Everything in a deck supports her. Cosmo Queen does not support any cards.

Card Rating:

Overall, Cosmo Queen has a high amount of offense, but fails to deliver an advantage. Cosmo Queen has limitations like many normal monsters. She depends on supportive cards to special summon her and protect her from your opponent. The only impressive features of Cosmo Queen are her high stats. She is very unlikely to see any time in competitive decks.

Card Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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