Unit of The Week: Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon

Do you have the determination to receive this sword!?

[Stride]-Stride Step-COST [Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them], Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
[ACT](VC)1/Turn:COST [Turn a card from your G zone face up], and until end of turn, this unit gets all of the original abilities of one of your heart cards.
[CONT](VC) Generation Break 3:If you have three or more grade 2 or greater units, when your opponent would call from his or her hand to (GC), he or she must call three or more at the same time.

Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon is a versatile card for every archetype in Royal Paladin. He is a generic G-Unit for all decks in the clan. He wields a huge sword for warriors with determination. Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon shares a deep bond with his fellow Royal Paladins. He can gain their skills in combat.

First Skill

Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon gains the abilities of one of your heart cards. You can play this card in any deck and gain enormous upsides! Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon gains the skills of one of your Heart Cards. He gains powerful skills such as Generation Break, Limit Break, and Legion. You can play this card in decks with Altmile, Blasters, Jewel Knights, and Seekers. There are endless possibilities in creating a powerful deck.

Furthermore, many cards from the standard format have powerful skills and Imaginary Gifts. Some of their skills are better abilities than the abilities of cards from Cardfight!! Vanguard. You are not restricted by Generation Break from those heart cards.

In addition, you may flip any card from you G zone face up. You may play Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon up to four times in a game. Flip up any other card from your G zone.

Second Skill

Furthermore, Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon’s Generation Break 3 hinders your opponent’s defense. Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon forces your opponent to guard with three or more cards at the same time to guard. This skill quickly diminishes your opponent’s hand. It also makes guarding the vanguard to be a difficult task.

In addition, you need three or more grade 2 or greater rear-guards to activate this skill. Royal Paladins have grade 2 units with the ability to boost units. You will not lose any power from this skill’s conditions.


Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile is a great card to play with Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon. You may superior call grade 2 units from the deck and drop zone. Your field is gaining a major offensive boost. Some Royal Paladins such as Knight of Twin Sword enables multiple attacks. You may call many units to join Altmile in battle and pressure your opponent in a corner!

They are a dynamic duo with fierce offense! Their skills complement each other. Altmile’s skill to give power to rear-guards and Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon’s skill to limit defense put a lot of pressure on your opponent! Your units can break through nearly any defense!

Play these cards with Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon!

Messianic Lord Blaster is a great heart card for Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon. You have triple drive in combination with the ability to superior call units to the field. You can superior call two Blasters, and activate Messianic Lord Blaster’s first skill to give power and five criticals to Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon!

Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon is a constant threat with intense pressure to your opponent. His Generation Break 3 can shatter your opponent’s hopes of victory. The additional power from five blasters and an Imaginary Gift: Force can add 53,000 power to Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon.

Play these Blasters with Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon!
Jewel Knights

Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon can also use the skills from one of your vanguards in Legion! The best Legion from Jewel Knights to pair with the Dragon is Prevail Jewel Knight, Yvain. Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon will gain 7,000 power and a critical!

In addition, you gain the benefits of activating a Legion. Four triggers may return to the deck. Thus, you may add heal triggers, draw triggers, or critical triggers to your deck. Legion increases your odds of checking a trigger during your drive check.

Play these Jewel Knights with Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon!
  • Blowing Jewel Knight, Altgaro
  • Prevail Jewel Knight, Yvain

Finally, we cannot overlook Seekers. The forgotten archetype of the Royal Paladins has a major upgrade with this G-Unit. Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon has amazing synergy Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon. You may have two battles with your vanguard in a turn.

First, Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon gains the first skill from Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon. Second, you may superior ride Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon, and perform Legion after Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon battles the opponent’s vanguard. Your vanguard in Legion will swing a powerful attack at the opponent!

Play these Seekers with Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon!
Card Rating:

Overall, Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon is one of the best G-Units in Royal Paladins. He is a great card for your first G-Unit in a game. You may play Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon in any deck with Royal Paladins. His abilities have synergy with the entire clan. Holy Dragon, Crystaluster Dragon embodies the Royal Paladin’s theme of teamwork by gaining the abilities of your heart card.

Premium Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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