YouTube Channel Update

I haven’t shot any videos for the YouTube channel in a few months. Don’t worry! I will be shooting new videos very soon. My best friend and cameraman will be in town for Christmas. He’s got some new fancy new equipment to play with! The new videos will have much better quality. The older videos were filmed with his Iphone5. I’m now stepping up my game!

Sadly, the channel is lacking Cardfight!! Vanguard videos. Four videos aren’t nearly enough videos. I want players to find plenty of content on my channel. There will be a few upcoming openings. Unfortunately, my decks are not complete so I’m unable to shoot any Cardfight!! Vanguard deck profiles.

Be on the lookout for my upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! videos. I will have new opening videos in the next few months. Most of the openings will be booster packs, starter decks, and structure decks. I might shoot a few videos featuring tins. It took me many months to finally complete my Supreme Spellcaster deck and now I am going to shoot a deck profile video!

I am also expanding into classic card games and trading cards that I enjoyed while growing up. MegaMan is one of my favorite hobbies. Be on the lookout for Dragon Ball Z, MegaMan NT Warrior Trading Card Game, The Walking Dead, and Power Rangers Action Card Game openings!

This is a list of my next wave of videos! I don’t have a time table for each release. However, there will be a few new videos this month.

Cardfight!! Vanguard

The Awesome Awakening of Twin Blades Booster Pack Opening!
The Awesome Cardfight Vanguard Liberator of the Sanctuary Trial Deck Opening!


The Awesome Star Pack 2013 Booster Pack Opening!
The Awesome Starter Deck: Yugi Reloaded Opening!
Supreme Spellcasters Deck Profile

Various Card Games

The Awesome MegaMan NT Warrior: MegaMan Starter Deck Opening!
The Awesome Dragonball Z Trading Card Game Saiyan Saga Villain Starter Deck Opening!
The Awesome Power Rangers Universe of Hope Starter Deck Opening!

I always want to hear your impute. What type of videos do you want me to film in the future? Do you want more deck profiles, openings, or discussions? If you would like to see me shoot a particular video then make a request in the comment section!

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