Welcome to the New Awesome Card Games

I am happy to announce the new Awesome Card Game is finally online! The new Awesome Card Games features a better theme and easier search functions than the previous version. The best new feature is owning the domain and not being limited Google’s Blogger. I can spread my articles to a wider audience. Blogger is very limited on features and themes. WordPress’s engine and widgets provide more enhancements. The engine is constantly getting updates unlike Blogger.

Some of you may be new to my blog. My specialty is Cardfight!! Vanguard, and I also report news on Mega Man, other card games, and Dragon Ball related subjects that interest me. My heart and soul is dedicated to Cardfight!! Vanguard. The game’s art, mechanics and game’s structure appeal to me. Cardfight!! Vanguard has the best art in trading card games in my humble opinion. My main decks are Royal Paladins with Blaster Blade and Gold Paladins with Gurguit. I started Cardfight!! Vanguard with a Royal Paladin deck because I pulled a lot of good Royal Paladins when I first started playing the game in 2010.

Many fans including myself are looking forward to Cardfight!! Vanguard V. I have said this many times, but I cannot say it enough. The new version of the game looks great. The game’s foundation is getting many improvements for clans and different types of cards. Clans are regaining their identities. New improvements for perfect guards becoming draw triggers is a positive change.

I will be increasing my coverage on the blue bomber, Mega Man and his robot dog Rush! Mega Man has two games, toys, and a new television show coming this year. The Mega Man X Legacy Collection has given me an excuse to finally purchase a Playstation 4. The only reason I will not purchase a Nintendo Switch for the Mega Man Legacy because the Playstation 4 version will have physical disk for both games. The version for the Nintendo Switch will include one disk and a code to download the other desk on your hard drive. That is a terrible idea! Mega Man X Legacy Collection offers a better product for the PS4.

A new era of Awesome Card Games begins with the new era of Cardfight!! Vanguard V, and a summer of Mega Man X. I am excited to what the future will bring us. I love the new site, and I hope you will enjoy it. I am expecting big achievements from Awesome Card Games. A person must expect greatness to grab hold of it.

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